Student Support is for YOU

You FIRST is my concern

To be seen to be believed. That's how good this stuff is. Tap the picture below to watch why this is for you! This video explains what we cover and how that helps you have a much better life. These bird videos teach us a lot. It also shows you that I am real, authentic and can get along with you. I'm not Instagram perfect, I'm just me, and you can be that to!

Before we start tutoring...

Before we start tutoring you and I will have a phone or Skype call. I will find out a bit about you what you want, or don't, out of your study and this tutoring with me. You can ask me questions. It's important you want to do this, or at least give it a try. Your parents are paying good money for this service. I’ll help you understand the benefits of what you get which is a lot more than improved academic performance.

Please have a look around the website. There are videos for you involving animals in most pages. You can ignore the suit videos, those are for parents, teachers and school principles. The Student Success Tutor YouTube channel will also have other videos so please subscribe (hit the logo pop-up at the end of any video). It is my role to be authentic and real, I leave my mistakes visible so you learn its OK to try new things and not get stuck. Improvement is all that matters. If improvement is not happening then we will use these tools and skills to figure out why.

It is my sincere passion to help you do better in your studies so you can then have a really amazing life. The skills you can learn give you the tools to handle the hard stuff and make the good things really enjoyable. Your education is the focus, but this will give you the ability to use all these skills in every aspect of your life.

In our tutoring / coaching I help you hone your skills and abilities. If you were a tennis player this would be like having Rodger Federer or Serena Williams being your coach. I have lived all of these things I teach you. I have lived all the mistakes and looked different because I did things a better way. As you will hear me say in most of the videos ‘this will transform every area of your life!’ These skills sets will improve your friendships, how you relate to your parents, handling unpleasant things that happen in life and more.

If you really don't want to do this you need to tell me and we will stop. I will not force you to do anything you do not want to do. I will offer ways for you to understand your resistances, attitudes and motivation. But it is 100% your choice to do anything I suggest. I will then discuss this with your parents if it is not working.

It's important we get along and that we work together. If you are willing I can also help you work through some of the hardest things you face in your life. This will help give you options so you can approach this from the place that I talked about in the videos.

I'm looking forward to having a chat and putting you on the road to a successful and much happier life.

Do you want?

Higher grades
More motivation
Less study time
Parents off your back
School and social life balance
The tools to succeed
A competitive edge
Skills to deal with bullies and unpleasant people
To be recognised as an individual
To learn the skills to handle things like social media, so you are the one in control

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My task is to help you

Be a high achiever. The techniques work that well!
Learn and excel easily. My whole system is designed to be low stress and easy.
Get you study done fast. Blazing fast.
Have a social life and get great grades. Coz you have the best techniques.
Pass exams easily. And then do even better than that.

And we'll make it fun

Yup! Even boring subjects can be enjoyable, as you master your abilities to do it fast with confidence. Improve your grades and know you can do it while being relaxed and focused.

Let's face it, doing better rocks! It feels good, and I'll show you how.

These skills and abilities I'll teach you will give you the Jedi skills to get the stuff you want in your life.

And when things are crap, I'll show you how to deal with it. It makes you a stronger person and means you are more happy knowing you can deal with the crappy things in life.

 I'll share with you in video the secrets of learning and life with at my YouTube channel [please subscribe] as I demonstrate them with wild animals and other places. We'll make learning fun, unscripted and teach you how you work inside so you can enjoy leaning and life. 

What you need to know

about me is I'll be me

 I will only share with you what I have used myself in study and in life. 100% of what I share I have extensively used and tested.
 My approach is to to get to know you and support you in a friendly manner with encouragement, so you can excel. Watch how the wild animals relate to me in the videos, trusting my approach.
My mission is to help you be your unique self, to assist you to discover how this enriches the world and creates a happy life. Its no fun being who you are not, and it hinders your learning.
Things you share with me stay with me. I'll always ask permission to share things with your parents, per the service agreement. They sometimes need to know what is going on to help you.
I have faced over 180 bullies, so I know how to help you to be 'you' in the tough times. Being free of concerns helps your learning and life be more enjoyable.
I've done a lot of unique things, chased goals when most around me said it was impossible. I'll support you and offer what I can do to help you fulfil your goals.
I've failed at lots of things and grown heaps from it. Most of these things I'd repeat as failing was worth it for what was learnt.
My only wish would be I could have had this type of tutoring when I was at High School. So I'll give you what I know with 30 years of hindsight for you to do with as you wish.

I did all this the hard way. This is a great chance for you, so consider giving it the best you can as it will set your life in a direction that has less pain, more joy and the success that matters to you.

If you want to know more about me the page is here.

My phone number is at the bottom of this page - call if you have a question, leave a message if not and I'll call back (if my message bank is voice to text please speak clearly or email me via the contact page)

What's in it for you

100% for YOU
I’m here to help you get what YOU WANT.
Help you master the stuff that gets in the way.
Your studies are the practice ground for life, master this and wow, life will be good.

Help you be smarter & study efficiently
Learn techniques that take less time giving you more free time (or better grades for the same amount of time).
Use your in class time so it counts.
No more re-writing notes!
Using dead time (eg: study during travel time) rather than be stuck at your study desk giving you more free time.

A good future: Learn to be flexible & skilled for career changes
These learning skills teach you to change and adapt fast to make the most of new opportunities.
As you do this you will master the skills to take on anything you want to succeed at.
Be at the cutting edge of this ever changing technological society.
These skills and tutoring help you master how you feel, think and give you the choice to be ‘100% you’.

Pass easily and more!
Scientifically proven systems to great memory, fast learning, exam strategy and feeling relaxed while doing all this!
Everything is individually tailored to suit your life and how your brain works.

STRESS no more
Stress vanishes as you learn to be relaxed and your is brain pumped for learning.
Stress reduction is a core skill set built into all the student success tutor methods.
This skill can then be applied in any situation in your life.

I’ll have extra things to help you when its tough,and to break in those new success habits.
I’ll have instructional videos and resources for you to use.

I'll help your parents understand yourself & your progress
I’m here for you first. Assisting you to succeed and improve as fast as possible to the next level is my 1st priority.
You doing better = happy parents, one less thing to stress about.
I’m the buffer between you and your parents and its in the service agreement. So them hiring me makes it easier for you.

Fine tune & chase your dream
After the core study skills are learnt we shift to ‘coaching’ style sessions to set goals, fine tune and continue mastery of learning and your motivation to get what you want from your studies.
This then means you can also get what you want from life, it’s a special opportunity that can shift your life!

Be in Control
Be able to change bad habits. While we will apply this to study initially you can then use it in all areas in your life. Out with the bad stuff in with the good.
Understand your inner drives. Then you control where and what you do. Stop being a slave to urges you don’t actually want.
How to say no to distractions and get what you REALLY want.

Live the dream you want!
If you know what you want, then lets chase it. If you don’t know what your dream is we will find it.
Either way you’ll learn the tools and skills to find it and to get to there.
The rate of change is accelerating so your dream job or career may shift or vanish. These skills will help you adjust fast to this changing world.

Why it works

and helps you get what you really want

Student Success Tutoring will guide you to easeful study, relaxed low stress learning, how to use your brain to get what you want with the motivation to carry it out.
Firstly you will master these Student Success techniques for perfecting recall, note taking, relaxation (the Learning State), exam strategy and motivation to study. But as part of that you also learn these other success skills that make life work how YOU WANT IT. Chances are your favourite sports star, musician or actor live their life this way and they work at it. This is the easy way. Its brain friendly and time efficient.
These techniques work. I have used them myself while at university, helping me to attain photographic memory. I have consistently received good feedback from students, parents and teachers about student performance and motivation improvements.
Everyone is different and the key is to find out what works best for you. As we try the different ways you will learn what suits you and how you tick inside. This leaves you empowered to chase your goals, desires and dreams. When unwanted things happen you'll be able to response and make the most of it.
Learn how to be a whole brain learner while in an education system that favours half brained learning (through the use of left brain dominated processes). Learn your strengths and how to strengthen your learning weaknesses.
What's better than passing? Improving and building a skill set and attitude that life is a learning experience. Thus knowing how to master challenges and be positively motivated is an outcome of Student Success tutoring.
Student Success Tutoring guides you to operate at the structural level of your habits and thinking. Alter the way you think, feel and react then your life becomes much more enjoyable. You can develop these skills and use them throughout your life for the rest of your life.

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