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Student Success Tutor: I’ve lived this

My talk is walked with 100% integrity and congruency. That is why my Student Success Tutoring is so profoundly powerful and different to all other study skills and student tutoring services. I offer a fully supportive framework, developed over 28 years through university studies, post graduate research, working with schools and one-on-one with students and adults.
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These principles embodied in this service have also been applied to commercial settings, not just education. Everything that is shared I have lived, experienced and tested through trial and error. This is why I can define the nuances of different approaches and techniques.
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Jason Hopkinson
M. Com (Hons); B. Com & Mgmt (hons); Pg Dip AFIS
Teacher Effectiveness Training Instructor
Internationally certified NLP trainer, Master Practitioner and counsellor
Cert IV Training & Assessment TAE40110
Student motivator and Study skills instructor>

What Parents and Students say

“I’m finding it a great help as it’s improving my educational skills. My mind is more active, and I have greater ability to control it. I’m more motivated too.” Andrew Cooke, Student

“Jason has been working with our two teenage children. The techniques he uses has opened their minds to find their potential. They have a stronger belief in themselves that they can accomplish the results they want. A winning attitude. A winning tutor.
Malcom & Bernadette McArdle, Parents of two students

“Jason relates to students at their level.
Marie Kyle, Parent of two students

Jason’s experience in the learning and development fields

I only share what I have actualised within myself. That’s my assurance of credibility and quality. I have:

28 years of extensive research and training in the areas of learning, learning design, motivation, depth psychology, personal development and leadership. The focus was on how to practically apply this in study, school and the workplace.

Been at the leading edge of education and learning since 1989. I was the first student ever at Lincoln University (New Zealand) to draw mind maps in lectures. This was new note taking method was found amusing by the lecturers.

Photographic memory was attained in 1991 through the use of the exact techniques shared in Student Success Tutoring. These techniques were tweaked, invented and developed through my research into different and varied fields of learning and human potential by experimentation. The result was an average grade jump of 15% over my second year at university (I completed 9 papers both years).

Built on my personal research to graduate with a Masters Degree (Hons) thesis focusing on The Application of Accelerated Learning to Management Training with the NZIM (New Zealand Institute of Management).

Employed full time in High School after my Masters Degree teaching students these study skills. I worked there with  Christine Ward who has self published four books including Learning to Learn (which has sold over 100,000 copies and is still being reprinted 25 years later).

Undertook research at a high school showing students who attended my High School study skills classes increased grades of by an average of 10.6% (internal mid-year exams compared to external final exam results). The random control group who didn’t attend only increased a 5.6% in national final year exams. Please note; this was for 6 classes only and was not one-on-one tutoring which is more effective.

Undertook PhD research on leadership development. As part of that I developed a theoretical base to extend Carl Jung’s model of Individuation (including its importance to leadership development). In the following fourteen years my observations and experience proved accurate regarding this theoretical extension of one humanities greatest forefathers of modern psychology.

Undertaken extensive training in counselling and communication skills. Internationally certified Trainer of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) since April 2000 and NLP counsellor (1995). See Richard Bolstad’s referencewho was my supervisor at this time.

I Worked in and consulted with schools, training teachers on training, being a Student Success Tutor, counsellor and workshop instructor.

Parental feedback over 3 to 6 years after the Student Success Tutoring is that students who had the private tutoring continued to improve and stay focused for long periods after tutoring finished. Comments like “he made it to university which I really didn’t expect” that is 4 years after tutoring finished.

I used these Student Success skills sets in a postgraduate diploma in accounting which secured three job offers from global accounting firms. I was the first student at University of Canterbury to undertake Tax and Advanced Tax subjects at the same time, special permission was granted to allow this. The 15% grade jump shown in my academic record demonstrated I had the learning capacity to cope with an advanced subject while concurrently studying its pre-requisite.

Everything shared is from solid experience and actual achievement in these methods.

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My world class Referees & Mentors

The below three referees are also role models and mentors in their fields. It has been a great gift to work with and be supervised by these people. This Student Success Tutoring service is to pass on this gift of a lifetime to others.

” I had the pleasure of working with Jason Hopkinson, teaching study skills to students in the school where I was Head of Counselling. Jason had developed a personal approach to mindmapping and associated skills which he passed on with enthusiasm and effectiveness. I am happy to endorse Jason’s new systems to train today’s youth in those essential skills which are vital to enable life-long learning. Although we use digital systems for so much now, all learners need to understand and use their brain’s unique storage system, which does not work digitally. Successful study has always required activation of body, mind, and spirit (head/hands/heart). Jason Hopkinson knows about these connections and will use them, I’m sure, as an essential foundation for his study skills training.”

Christine Ward
Founder of Brainfriendly Teaching and Learning, co-author of ‘Learning to Learn’, (100,000 physical books sold, self published) author of ‘Study for Success’, ‘Teaching to Learn’, ‘The Parent’s Homework Handbook’.

“I have trained and supervised Jason. He is committed to his clients and to the process of supervision, systematically reviewing and learning from each client case. He has rapidly integrated the core helping qualities and therapeutic techniques into his way of being with those he assists.
Jason prepares extremely thoroughly for each session, and operates with a clear understanding of the ethical guidelines underlying counselling.”

His study skills programme is an inspired application of the latest accelerated learning techniques. He is a thorough, encouraging and personally respectful guide for those who are ready to reach more of their potential and discover skills they didn’t realise they had.

“Jason has considerable training in the field of interpersonal skills, motivation, counselling and negotiation. He is a supportive and inspiring group leader, committed to the success of the people he works with. He takes the time to check others concerns, is respectfully assertive, and knows how to develop win-win solutions in a practical setting. Jason is one of those people who gives complete attention and energy to the project he is involved with. He’ll be up front, vitally involved in your organisation, and willing to go that extra kilometer for the success of a task. Jason would be a valuable resource in any organisation where team development, negotiation, and management skills are at a premium.”

Richard Bolstad, PhD. World Leading NLP Trainer
Fellow Member Trainer of NLP (IANLP), Transformations International Consulting & Training Ltd, Author of 10 NLP books in over 8 languages

“In 18 years of supervising and mentoring Jason I can say categorically he operates from integrity and congruency.
Miriama Supervisor of Jason at StudentSuccessTutorHe examines any topic beyond completion to mastery. His insights and depth of inner peace make him a trailblazer for others to learn from, and enhance their life.
Jason’s wisdom has been earned through life’s tough lessons. He is a role model and guide of what possible for us all.” Miriama Watson

My philosophy

A commitment to excellence which involves:

  • Being professional in my conduct.
  • Encouraging feedback, so I can further improve.
  • Giving individuals feedback to ensure improvements.
  • Giving my best to ensure student learning is maximised.
  • Giving positive encouragement and being approachable.
  • Modelling and promoting learning from every outcome, so further improvements can be made.
  • Making learning an enjoyable experience.
  • Never seeing “failure” – only instances where feedback can be given to make improvements.
  • Presenting material in a manner that ensures maximum learning for the students.
  • Promoting a learning philosophy towards life.
  • Relating to students at their level.
  • Respecting peoples beliefs and religious systems, and freedom of choice.

Generally my whole philosophy is constructed around learning. Without a learning attitude, success in any endeavour is impossible. Every action I take is done with the above points in mind.

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About Jason Hopkinson your Stundent Success Tutor video transcript

Note: transcript is word for word – thus grammar may not be formally correct. No script was usded for the video.

In this website I say it’s totally possible for students to succeed.
To stop failing, start making improvements, pass and become a future-proof. How do I know that? Because I’ve been there.

This is ‘About Me’: I’m Jason Hopkinson for student success Tutor .com
Now, I always knew I had a good head on my shoulders. I averaged B’s I finally got to top a class in my last year at school. But at university I wanted to do better! So I researched into learning. It opened up a huge field for me. What I did was I started using accelerated learning techniques and mind mapping and other things.

I was the first person of my University to do mind maps in lectures. I would have lecturers literally pick up my mind map and wave it in front of 400 students and say “what the hell is this?” I had the courage to try these things. What I noticed was as soon as I started using them they worked. It had a fantastic effect on my memory and my motivation. So I kept researching and I’ve been researching for the following twenty eight years in these sorts of areas. What makes people tick, what makes me tick, what makes my memory work and how to be relaxed about it.

I’ve done postgraduate research [on this topic]. After my fifteen percent grade jump between my second and third year at University I was allowed to move into the Honours Program rather than just doing a diploma. I focused on ‘Accelerated Learning’, adult learning psychology and training. I then moved to a different University to follow along with my Masters Degree applying Accelerated Learning in a management training course. Now what this did was it taught me all about learning, memory, about how to make things stick in your head and what makes us tick. It’s been quite a passion of mine for close to three decades.
What I know is these core techniques that are taught here for study have quite a massive impact on a person’s life. When you know you how to motivate yourself, you know how to study, improved grades are pretty much guaranteed.

Also I’ve had mentors in my life, I’ve always had mentors in my life, and they’re on the website below. Richard Bolstad, Miriama, and Christine Ward and a whole bunch of others. When you have someone that can guide you. Telling you where you can improve things. People you can use as a sounding board. It gives you the chance to really excel. There’s nothing better! This is what the service is about. I’m a tutor, a mentor, a coach for students to succeed. I know they can succeed because I did it and I’ve seen plenty of other students succeed through using these techniques.

I’ve done a lot of training. I’m a NLP trainer. I’ve been certified as a counsellor. I’ve done a lot of One-on-One work with people. I’ve run residential workshops, weekend workshops, evening classes. I’ve seen the whole variety out there with what can happen when running groups and working with people.

What I know is that these processes work. If you’re interested in trying it out we can make a difference. If it’s not working I’ll say, it’s pretty clear-cut. So I’m here for you if you’re interested in doing well at school or at university or any particular study. You want to keep your motivation working which is a natural outcome of doing well then please make contact. I’m Jason for Student Success tutor .com

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