Core Study Skills

Better Grades & Success

These core study skills are critical for learning and improvements in grades, performance, attention and will positively help the learner. These are 'whole brain' cutting edge techniques that work!
Student performance will improve during the 8 weekly sessions where these methods are applied.

8 Core sessions: Life & Study skills

How to study and learn effectively at home and in the classroom.
The Learning State: The MOST CRITICAL key to maximise learning, retention and application, which is ignored in most study skills videos on YouTube. This is ignored by virtually all learning institutions. Multiple approaches and methods will be taught including:

Mindmapping. A highly effective note taking technique when used correctly to suit the individual.
Strategic reading for summarising text and class material.
Memory strategies, mnemonics (memory aids) and more, so subject material and understanding are instantly available.
MP3 and video learning. How to make and review audio for memorising information.
Time Management. How to organise oneself so effective study and other goals can be achieved.
Review techniques. How to review subjects fast. How to know what you don't know! When you recall knowledge it becomes proof you can remember it. These time effective techniques give great confidence for exams.

◊ ◊ Developing your focus and attention span. These whole-brain techniques develop a laser focus that can be sustained. This gives you the ability to do things fast with accuracy and creativity.

Exam Strategy. Effective pre-exam strategies will be taught as well as exam room techniques. Exam strategy starts in week one of a new course at school and or tertiary institutions. Preparation of correct notes is a real time saver and memory booster.

Motivation skills. This will be a constant theme with direct and indirect techniques being explored. Then you get to choose your motivation levels. Learn how to get stuff done when you don't feel like it.

An activity sheet or Google document can accompany each session if required. This sheet will contain suggested activities and questions to use over the following week. This will assist in the activation of the new skill and provide self-analysis questions for feedback in the next session. This develops the habit of review and improvement.
The questions 'How can I improve this, or what if I do this?' helps develop the habit of improvement and continuing success.

The essential basics that every student needs will typically take 8 sessions. Students will be taught to use these necessary skills with feedback tailored to suit individual learning styles. Through this core study skills program the student will learn the philosophy of succeeding.

The core skills are more than their individual parts.
Just like human neurology, each aspect can multiply the effectiveness of the other techniques and skills. As I say in the videos my mind did become photographic, in all my life, not just my university subjects. This demonstrates that an improvement in one area will improve other areas. Furthermore, my memory and neurology decades later is still strong and resilient from that period of effort to train it when at university.

Geniuses like Nicola Tesla trained themselves to enhance their abilities. You to can learn these skills here and enhance your life and studies.

After the core study skills module

What's next after the core 8 sessions?

What happens once a student has the skill set and abilities to master their studies, motivation and direction?

Regular sessions can continue as before if desired. My role as an academic life coach becomes that of a performance coach to ensure continued improvement and application. That's why I have a long term coach/supervisor as her input and external input keep me improving.

Better grades and academic performance stays the focus. From my experience with working with students and adults is improvements in self-esteem, motivation and direction build. The behavioural shift to competency and maturity becomes more significant. Ongoing coaching assists ongoing change and success in anyone's educational and life pursuits.

New strategies and techniques can be introduced to tweak performance. Study and brain function is no different from sport. The brain behaves like a muscle. When used it gets stronger and fitter. That is the basis of photographic memory for us ordinary folk; we have to train our brain to be very fit for it to become photographic. Brain and neuroscience research is showing that the brain can regenerate, become stronger and more able. Just as one cannot go out and run a marathon without training, the brain needs to be trained and used to support full function.

Continuing the coaching after the 8 core sessions will embed lasting change. These longer lasting benefits are mentioned on the Future Success page. Development of a balanced, well-rounded competent adult who is at choice with their behaviour and actions is the best outcome you and your son or daughter can hope for.

To undertake regular Student Success Tutoring for the full semester or year will have a profound effect. Given the cost of education my service is a secure investment.

Student Success Tutoring can also be likened to high performance coaching. I have been with my current mentor and supervisor since 1999. My mentor is my best gift to myself.

Advanced booking will be offered to the regular and committed clients as I can only work with a limited number of students or adults one-on-one.

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