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In this video I explain the benefits your daughter or son gets from Student Success Tutoring. It’s more than better Grades! Tap/click (touchscreen computers tap screen) the picture below to watch the video or read the transcript

Tutoring Priorities

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    Action on Study & Grade improvement

    My immediate focus is on improving study and learning so it becomes easy and do-able. This will improve study quality and effectiveness.Grades and motivation will then improve.

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    Teach core skills that make it easy to learn & study

    When study and learning is easy avoidance stops and action starts.Let an expert motivate & teach the real skills of learning to your child / teenager so they can excel and embody what education systems don’t have time & resources to teach.

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    Let me motivate your teenager

    Motivation and study application can be tricky.As an external coach, outside of family and school dynamics, I can offer help and methods that don’t carry unconscious bias. The teen development cycle is about being me and I help them find that in a way that serves them. This increases the likelihood of a behavioural shift to success.Leave it to the expert so you enjoy your family time.

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    Decrease family stress

    Relieve yourself of the stress of trying to urge your daughter or son to study. I’ll motivate them for you. Parent feedback is part of this service. As part of that we can discuss how we can assist them further so they make the most of this opportunity.

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    Accountability to an external tutor means the student will make the extra effort to apply.This guarantees action and application initially. As the natural benefits of this service are experienced students typically become proactive. If the student is not getting value from what I offer I will inform you the parent and discontinue the service. A student not using this service for what it is designed for is very rare in my experience, and would suggest that an intervention by other professional services is required as a deeper issue is the core problem. This outcome would be discussed as part of the standard Parent feedback process.

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    Have your financial investment in your son or daughter’s education produce an independent adult who is an adaptable and successful person.

Have your teenager/ student discover how easy and fast it can be to learn, study and feel the positives of doing better. Start the cycle of succeeding. Watch them become responsive to their own drive to get what they want in life by mastering their subjects.

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Parents & Parrots: Why?

As a parent you may be wondering why I’m working with wild birds, it’s because it helps learning. The animals show us clearly how we operate unconsciously. They demonstrate how state awareness traffic lights work and how quickly that can shift to ‘green of go‘ from a stressful alert state of ‘yellow or red‘. It also demonstrates how effective the learning state works in helping relating to ourselves and others.

My role is to make learning easy but preferably enjoyable. To spark motivation and desire to do better a student needs to learn how they work inside. The simple principles in this website when used and applied help a person deal with most of life’s situations. To teach learning correctly the fundamental base of learning needs to be addressed, as learning is state dependent. All of life, if it is to be enjoyable is state dependent. That is a state that feels good and has you able to respond at your best.

The animals demonstrate state changing, and the unconscious mind’s operation. They also show the effectiveness of my learning state abilities when making videos with them. The animals demonstrate great trust with me, this is obvious by the lack of fight-flight survival instinct responses. It is extremely rare for the birds to use the alarm call. In many videos I can hold a bird fully and when it is free from that restriction they often stay on me in a peaceful manner. This is uncommon even with domestic pet birds, unless highly trained while in the nest.

I also endeavour to draw out the person’s appetite for learning and excite their passion for their future. Being authentic to themselves is part of this process. This lights the fire of drive, self-esteem and achievement. As you will see in these videos I’m very authentic. To care for your unconscious (your inner you) is critical to being happy and activating full neurology to increase performance in any activity. In the unconscious mind page this is all explained. I speak with caring and affection “as if they are my best friend or brother who is 5 years old“. That is why I have mastered the learning state in most of life’s extreme situations. I remain functional and responsive.

Student Success Tutor embodies 3 approaches

1st Approach: Core study skills & learning techniques

In the core study skill module we cover the practical skills to:

Know how to activate the brain for learning.

Pass subjects and achieve better grades.

Be motivated to study. Understand motivation and how to change it.

Learn fast and easily.

Take faster, memory efficient notes.

Overcome learning difficulties.

Stress monitoring and reduction.

Have greatly increased subject recall.

How to plan and organise so study and assignments are done to maximise grades.

How to keep life balanced so good study habits continue.

General outcome: To maximise study time effectiveness with better memory which leads to better grades.
These techniques by themselves are profoundly effective when used. They maximise how the neurology operates, decreases stress and makes memory and productivity improvements obvious.

2nd Approach: Feedback & nurturing learning habits

Once the new skills have been taught they are then used by the student. A list of questions and points to monitor are also given to the student so they can track their motivation, attention span and productivity etc. This helps nurture and increase awareness of the skills and their benefits. Students also monitor their action and inaction so they learn the cause and effect on their motivational and learning states.
As the student uses these new skills they experience where they do or don’t work. The tutoring feedback loop causes introspection so they learn at deeper levels. My additional input helps to tailor these critical skill sets and attitudes. This leads to more application therefore better memory, increased grades and habit change.

3rd Approach: Deep structural shift with motivation, habits & competency

Study represents your teenager’s current life task. How they succeed, or not, sets up how their life may unfold. Skills, motivation and outcomes experienced here set the base for life direction. This time is critical for their development and future life path.
How do they approach failure and feedback? Do they take negative feedback as something that can be used constructively to help make improvements?
Do they question and examine how their motivations, brain function, memory and strategy to life can be improved?
Successful people, and good learners, exhibit certain traits. The use of feedback is a key success indicator.
Experiencing improvements sets up momentum for positive outcomes and having a better life. Student Success Tutoring is initially about brain friendly efficient and enjoyable learning. However, the greater outcome is helps at deeper levels to develop long term habit and attitude shifts that serve achievement, balance and happiness. Success at study, be that school, college, university or even a hobby is crucial. These services will give them the best chance possible.

Have your daughter or son learn through their studies how they are self motivated. The skill of self monitoring their internal states is a extremely important. This then helps them work with emotions. Development of Emotional Intelligence (EQ), as discussed by Daniel Goleman in his book Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More Than IQ, has a large impact on the quality of a person’s life.  These most important skills that are NOT taught in education systems. However these skills help make life more enjoyable if you have them or dysfunctional if lacking.
The simple processes of maximising learning means tuning awareness to decrease stress and increase focus, thus emotions and negative thinking is seen and shifted as the Learning State is activated.

While Student Success tutoring does not focus on these life skill sets specifically the student is taught to monitor their Learning State. Learning to enter the Learning State teaches them how to monitor, work with and develop competency with their emotional states. This gives them greater conscious choices over their feeling and emotional states. Thus it does have a positive influence on emotional intelligence (EQ).
Emotional intelligence then gives them a better ability to function in relationships, workplaces and to communicate when things get challenging. Students can be coached more specifically on these life skills as part of ongoing coaching if wanted. This can happen after the core study skills are taught and implemented if desired.

This skill set is particularly important if your child is being subjected to bullying. Bullying is one of the biggest problems concerning high school students in Australia, according to School Principals in an ABC news website article in November 2017. Bullying, while not an intended focus of this service, assistance and advice can be given as the strategies and ways to deal with this will very from situation to situation, and person to person. Bullying can be quite a distraction to study. How bullying can be mitigated and resolved is discussed on the bullying page.

Issues students face today that you didn’t

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    Social Media & Phone addictions

    These attention monsters are now a fact of society. Smart phone and social media interference will be monitored as part of how to study well.Behaviour change and reward strategies will be used to help the learner put these in perspective to help the student respond to these appropriately. For example, social media can be used as a motivator, once some study is done.

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    Short attention spans

    Reverse the trend of the short 3 second attention span. Student Success Tutor techniques are designed to teach inner focus and whole brain learning. These techniques and study activities develop long attention spans. Attention spans can be developed that cope well with 3 hour exams.

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    Disempowering 'external only reference' to empowering internal reference

    Teens especially suffer from “I have to fit in” and FOMO (fear of missing out) which is externally based on what others think and do. A much healthier approach is to reference internally, where one follows their own drives and individuality. This learning methodology embodies internal referencing to maximise time, motivation, feeling good and being relaxed (which is the Learning State). Therefore the point of reference becomes more internal as this is critical for good memory and whole brain learning. When a person experiences genuine improvements it is undeniable and naturally attractive to continue this positive progress. This also helps reduce anxiety, a key concern for students as noted by Australian school principles recently in the news.

Learning appropriate phone use, increasing one’s attention span and developing internal referencing are critical skills for study and life. While these abilities are rarely taught they are determining factors for those who succeed in life with happiness and those that don’t. Attention and time then goes towards driving their life to real goals they want.

My skills and abilities mean I can teach these implicitly while focusing on the task of learning and doing well at academic pursuits. This means the student learns new skill sets by doing them without them being a focus.
This tutoring service is actually many services rolled into one.

Feedback questions and strategies employed will force this into conscious focus. With conscious focus everything changes as it can no longer be ignored.

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Parents helping better Grades video transcript

Note: transcript is word for word, video is unscripted – thus grammar may not be formally correct.

Are you a parent or a teacher of a student that you know you could be doing better than they currently are? Perhaps they’re struggling, perhaps they’re just doing okay, but ‘they have potential’. ALL students have potential.
That’s why I’m here. If this interests you please keep listening. I’m Jason Hopkinson for Student Success Tutor .com What I offer is a service that teaches students how to study, how to motivate themselves and how to succeed. What this service does is it teaches them the core study techniques.
It starts in the classroom, then through what they use at home or in the library right through to the final exam.
These techniques naturally use the whole brain, the whole body actually, for learning, for being relaxed. For knowing how to master those negative processes that stop and stress the body. What it does is when you know how to study it becomes easy. Once you start doing this and you start remembering, motivation increases. It’s quite a natural thing. That’s what I teach.
In the core modules I teach cutting edge learning techniques. That can give you photographic memory, because I’m speaking from experience having had it. It does take a bit of work, well for me it did, for most people that will, because we’re not all totally gifted. With these core modules students will learn how to apply, how to study in the classroom, and at home.
How to maximize their time for the lead-up to their exams and other forms of assessment. How to fit their studies into their life rather than trying to squash things around because that doesn’t work.
This looks at a person’s whole life as well as their studies so they can truly get what they want. Because when you start getting that (your wants) you become motivated. Everything that is taught here is about embodying the processes that maximize learning, memory, low stress.
This is one of the key things with Student Success Tutor is what I call the Learning State. Learning, memory and recall works when your whole brain is functioning at its maximum. This is naturally a relaxed state. There are techniques and processes you can use to take yourself into the Learning State. This is key, this is what is taught in these core modules so when a student uses these they naturally start doing better.
When you start doing better you feel good, your attitude to life changes your attitude towards studies change. All of a sudden things that weren’t possible are now possible. While you (or your student) are here because of grades or study motivation or something along those lines, what the service does is it gives that but it gives a lot more. It really does make a massive difference.
I’ve run into parents 3, 6, and 10 years after I’ve worked with them (their children) and the parent’s have commented to me “WOW, that was so amazing it helped my kid go to places I didn’t think they were going to go”. So consider this service look at the core modules. If you want make contact please there’s a contact form, there’s a booking form and all be in touch and we’ll sort out of time.
It’s best that the students do at least the core module (8 sessions) and then we see how we go into the monitoring / coaching process afterwards. Because what works really best is the feedback cycle. As they progress and master the processes they take ownership. There is that point where things flip and then they take life on and get what they want. It’s not just about a grade! It is about attitude to life!
What happens after study? Because things are changing, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is coming, it’s going to affect every industry and every job. The skill sets that are taught in student success tutor are designed to give you empowerment to take on life not just learning. Because when you understand your motivation, you understand your limitations or what you don’t know and you know how to approach that, attack it and master it these processes become very powerful. Increases and grades are just about guaranteed if these things are used.
If the feedback process is used. Yes, if there’s ‘learning experiences’ along the way ie: ‘mistakes’ that’s fine. This is what it’s about, when you monitor things when the students look at why they’re not studying and they can understand their own processes it empowers them to make changes, to move forward so they can get these things done.
With me as the external helper I can guide them. I can ask the right questions so they click “oh, that’s what I did”. So, you know, perhaps they don’t do some study for three or four days. Then we chat it over and they work it out. It means they can start moving forward, because when you start doing these things (techniques) and things get better there’s the evidence.
I’ve seen the evidence; I’ve worked in schools. I’ve had photographic memory. I know what it takes. In those times over the last thirty years when I’ve been stuck myself, when I start doing these things it starts working again. It’s this sort of cycle – “spiralling up”. When you understand this and you do this and you’ve got someone helping you it’s a lot more guaranteed. That’s what happens here at student success tutor .com It’s One-on-One it’s online.
There are support materials, there’s online Google Docs where you fill in the questions and the feedback and all those sorts of things to keep the student as well as you, the parent informed, if you want to look at how it’s all going.
I will have feedback sessions with you as the parent to let you know what’s happening. You can let me know what’s happening perhaps there are things you want me to focus on and then I will go and work with the student. My primary concern is the student. When they own this process and they see the benefits they will change. They will exceed your expectations. I’ve seen this it works. So make contact.
Check out the booking page fill in the information. Try and get hold me or I will contact you. It’s that simple. Let’s make a difference because this sort of stuff isn’t taught in education systems around the planet. I don’t know why but it’s not. Let’s make it happen. Success starts today by making a small improvement. I’m Jason for student success

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