Student Success Tutor

Parent & Student Services Agreement

My service to you

To perform to the best of my abilities.

To maintain confidentiality. Confidentiality will be preserved between the student, myself and my supervisor/mentor. General outcomes will be communicated to caregivers.

To communicate my concerns to caregivers. To provide potential options of any concerns or possibilities for caregivers to approve.

To communicate to caregivers where the tutoring is heading and how positive changes can be supported. This will done briefly via phone or online methods like Skype, possibly via a booked appointment due to timezone differences. I can leave video Skype messages. Suitable feedback methods will be discussed before services commence.

To return any phone or online messages to you at the first convenient time. Direct verbal / online video contact is preferred. I will leave a message if not answered. You are welcome to send emails, I will respond via phone or online verbal/video methods. Replying via email is time consuming, unless this is requested at my charge rate of the 50 minute online session per hour and part thereof.

To only undertake tutoring and change processes (ie: motivation and ‘learning issue’ sessions) with a student if they personally wish for the change. I am not willing, nor ethically able, to force change upon an individual if it is not something that they desire for their own benefit, regardless of the expectations of others like parents or teachers. Per my NLP counsellor and international Trainer certification the full ecology (safety and desirability) of any wanted shift will be examined so it is a good outcome that serves the best interests of the person.

To commit to arranged appointments and to give notice of any cancellation as soon as possible.

To commit to continuity on a weekly basis.

To be available preferably online for video, but definitely via phone for booked session times if internet is down or unavailable.

Your agreement with me

both student & parents

To commit to arranged appointments. To give notice of any cancellation as soon as possible via direct phone call and please leave a voicemail if I dont answer.

To be available preferably online for video, but definitely via phone for booked session times if internet is down or unavailable. 

For the student to be prepared for the session start time at 10 past the hour.

To commit to continuity on a weekly basis unless otherwise discussed. Commitment to regular sessions demonstrates the importance of the service and maximises progress.

To be in the best location possible for this online session. A room free of disruptions, noise and other people is preferable. The actual location where private study is undertaken is best.

To give me immediate feedback if you (caregiver or student) are unhappy with anything that is happening. In this way, it can be changed as soon as possible.

To communicate your expectations to me in clear terms. Please use this link and fill in the form to provide me with the information and to book a feedback call (if wanted). If we discuss this I may ask that the form be used so I can refer back to help meet your expectations.

To keep me updated with progress and developments if they are relevant to my services.

Payment for a session if to be upfront only. Pre paying a block of sessions will give you advanced booking.

Cancelling within 48 hours or missing a session without notice unless a doctor’s surgery receipt is produced may result in non-refund / rescheduling of that session at the discretion of Student Success Tutor. This may be reduced by 50% if circumstances are unavoidable. This will be strictly enforced as session times are limited for this service. Please discuss this is you have any questions before it happens.

Session to be paid per the agreed rate in the pricing & booking page. Prices are subject to change and existing clients will be notified in advance.

Existing clients will be notified if their existing prices stay at the current rate for a further time, as consistency is rewarded. The deeper objective of Student Success Tutor services is to develop successful habits that last for lifelong learning, self-motivation, independence and drive.

If you have any questions concerning this agreement, please feel free to raise them with me.

Any feedback (positive or negative) you can give me with regard to my service would be greatly appreciated. I will endeavour to incorporate feedback wherever possible, so as to improve the service I am providing. Feedback that can be added to the website is preferred.

Please read the TnCs, as a condition of this service and entering this website it is deemed that you agree fully to the legal Terms & Conditions linked the footer of the website

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