10 Laws of Success

10 action based principles for success

There are 10 Laws of Success, action rules, that guide the students and adults to success in their education, parenting, careers, relationships and life. These help to implement the core learning and life skills and help the prime directives of the unconscious mind to form new habits and behaviours for success. Eventually a base of inner happiness grows that is durable during tough times, this is very special and makes the effort well worth it (Law 10).

Below there are two summary videos about these 10 Laws of Success. One is with the suit version for parents and school principals with the backdrop of an iconic current world rolemodel of good leadership (Law of Success No 9: Role-models and Leadership). The other is with the wild biting cockatoos for the students to watch, observe and learn how their unconscious mind works as I relate to these 100% wild unruly animals with the Learning State.

The wild sulphur crested cockatoos video involved a number of these Laws of Success in action. It was very difficult to make a video with the mob of 35+ biting wild cockatoos in a busy public environment. These birds can live to over 80 years old in the wild (120 in captivity) so they do develop unique personalities. For those that want to watch and learn from the interactions, there is much to observe about the birds and how they behave like our own unconscious mind.

My Learning State mastery helps these birds relate to me and stay relatively calm. When they are in groups they are more unruly! This video is certainly unique (Law 8). Please note I move about when talking as they were biting my ankles to get my attention. I was left with 47 bite holes in my ankles after making these videos. After much practice, bleeding and learning you'll notice the 2021 cockatoo videos where I wear my business suit are very different. These classic videos will remain, to demonstrate progress and that imperfect is perfect. The Instagram and other social media requirements for perfection need to be smashed, so enjoy my learning curve below.

10 Laws of Success Summary

The first 5 laws are stated by Arnold Schwarzenegger from his motivation speech video (shown below). Because he is a great role model his rules are used in this framework. Role models assist us in achieving our goals faster. Hence role models are Laws of Success 9. Tap the links to read and watch me explain each rule individually, with wild biting cockatoos. I often explain how each rule fits into the framework.
Law 1: Vision: Where are you going. Activate your right brain and unconscious mind.
Law 2: Think Big: Aim big to learn and stretch yourself.
Law 3: Ignore the Nay-sayers: How to use negativity from others to help motivate success.
Law 4: Work Your Ass Off: Apply, apply and apply. Yes, that's Arnold's exact words (not mine). This resets your unconscious mind and maximises learning.
Law 5: Give Back: When you give back you grow and learn more. It feels good to give back. Feeling good is success.

Below are Jason's additional 5 Laws of Success to make it doable for everyone. To be included as a law here these Laws 6 - 10 have to assist with developing happiness and joy, which is a result of being consciously in the Learning State. These next laws make success methodical, practical and as fast as possible.

Law 6: Balance: Balance is required for long term success. It requires all areas of your life to work nicely. No burnout or crashing.
Law 7: Community: A community of Yay-sayers and support helps you excel faster. It's the antidote to the Nay-sayers.
Law 8: Your Uniqueness: What are your gifts? We are all unique, this is your gift to the world. Find and develop the real you. When you are naturally yourself it greatly assists with feeling peaceful and being happy, no pretending to appease others.
Law 9: Role-models & Leadership: Who inspires you, how do they do it? Watch and try it. Then show it by being a leader.
Law 10: Mastery: To live in the Learning State by default, the natural habit. It is a life of resourcefulness, peace and Joy! Reclaim your birthright.

Tap the to hear Arnold Schwarzenegger's 34 minute keynote speech.

To watch the full 2015 119 minute stage presentation tap the YouTube Icon below. The speech starts 5 minutes in. The questions after add more insight.

Law 1: Your Vision

To have a vision is very important for your unconscious mind. Firstly it is the big picture. This activates the right hemisphere of the brain. It gives the unconscious mind the information so it can actively seek out what you are wanting. A key prime directive of the unconscious is that it's a faithful servant of your needs and wants. Use this innate drive to your advantage. With no vision, there is no direction for your most valuable resource, your unconscious mind, to work towards.

Having a vision that is suited to you is important. This ties into Law 8 of your uniqueness. This will help spark your drive, passion and help you to master what you are naturally good at.

Your vision of what you are after may evolve over time. In the 9 pillar framework No7 is structure. What are the structural requirements for your vision, this may help give you specifics that need development and resources.

Law 2: Think BIG

"Never think small" says Arnold Schwarzenegger "so Think Big". Your unconscious mind likes you to have more so give it something big to aim at. If aiming low like flipping patties at McDonald's is your life quest then seek extreme happiness. These core skills here will have you in bliss while you flip burgers. Keep in mind with automation and artificial intelligence pattie flipping may not be around much longer. In late 2021 ex-Space X staff made a fully robotic pizza truck.

You can be happy in any job and situation. That is Law 10 Mastery after you have reset your unconscious mind's default habit to the Learning State. Then there is a non-stop undercurrent of joy and happiness. But to be practical and financially viable you need to aim at something that will support you, preferably something you enjoy doing or sharing.

Tap the picture to watch , where I think big with this video. Cockatoos are about the second biggest parrot you can find in Australia.
Their timing is impeccable, I have my ankle bitten as I say they ankle bite! Yet again, in these wild animal videos they do exactly as I say or think.

When you aim big, it gives you that reward of learning and growing.

This is what keeps your neurology working and helps you to live in the Learning State. The brain is a muscle, stop using it and life will dull down and your brain and neurology will atrophy.

Law 3: Ignore Nay-Sayers

Arnold Schwarzenegger is adamant on ignore the Nay-sayers. He received a lot of Nay-saying because of his big vision and the enormity of the tasks he wanted to be world-class in. I am sure you can easily recall people putting you down and trying to limit you. It really can have de-motivating and life changing consequences. It impacts the unconscious mind and triggers the yellow or red traffic light states. In life often the worst Nay-sayers are the bullies, this requires action to solve it.

The unconscious mind's prime directives (the rules) mean that Nay-saying has an impact on us. The unconscious mind is like a 5 year old child. It wants to serve, to be happy and help the best outcomes for everyone. Our unconscious really is benevolent, to be a good human being is its natural drive.

The biggest kicker with the prime directives is your unconscious takes everything personally. Thus Nay-saying does hit the unconscious mind. It is very important to be vigilant of this negative impact. It is beneficial to consciously action something positive to reverse this negative slant in your mind and body. To let Nay-saying knock you is literally allowing your inner 5 year old be beaten up. The deeper areas on the brain are activated into fight flight responses from Nay-saying. This is fight-flight is hard to change, but the skills taught here can do this. This all ties into the 9 pillar framework to help you function at your best.

Arnold and I both say to turn that around into motivation. Unfortunately, motivation caused by 'I'll prove you wrong' is based on negative emotions, usually a derivative of anger. Anger is the emotion that says 'something needs to change here'. Anger derived emotions provide the energy to perform it. It is important to be State Aware and not resort to automatic bad behaviours with anger based emotions. Hence these life skills taught here help develop your emotional intelligence. The best solution to nay-saying is Law 7: Community, find some Yay-sayers.

In this video I explain how Nay-saying is normal human behaviour. It is tied to our survival instinct which is more powerful as an influence than our good natured humanity. The cockatoos demonstrate this with how they compete for the seed in my hands. However, the unconscious mind takes everything personally. This is prime directive number 13 of 20, so it is still taken as a negative unless it is re-framed or changed consciously.

To be given encouragement, useful feedback or even just to be heard is a very powerful positive force in assisting the achievement of any goal.

I have always been a trailblazer. I can't but help take anything to a new level, that is my uniqueness (Law 8). The about me page lists a few of the things I have done to stretch past the envelope of accepted knowledge.

It's no small task to pose a theoretical extension to Carl Gustav Jung's Individuation process. However, that is now embodied in the core of this service, and why Law of Success 10: Mastery exists. I ignored the Nay-sayers and just embodied and lived it. I now have two decades of observations and experiences that confirm I was correct about the Individuation process. The result is the 9 pillar framework, which is explained in that video how everything in this website interconnects.

Law 4: Work Your Ass Off

Arnold Schwarzenegger's exact words for Law 4 is 'Work Your Ass Off'. He did work very hard because he is seriously driven. We are not all as driven as he is.

To 'work your ass off' means to be consistent with effort and stuff up lots. This is exemplified (law 9) in these videos with the Sulphur Crested Cockatoos. To record with these powerful parrots is hard work, and it has consequences. In this video I have my ear bitten really painfully just after I say "how noisy is your mind".

Watch my recovery and that I stay on task with my vision demonstrating the skill sets in this website.

These videos are a skilled demonstration of the Learning State in chaos and pain while performing a complex task of filming with no assistance. I also had to be really careful to not stand on the parrots, they were all around my feet biting my ankles.

When in the Learning State coincidences, or flow as some term it, become quite common. There is a large number of videos now where I get bitten or birds fly away as I think or say something negative. At other times they move exactly where I want them. They really do sense it and just act it out.
For those of you that have a cat, how often does a cat do what you ask? These wild animals do what I ask (or what I just think without speaking to them) more often than a domesticated cat will.

My words for this law are different. I say success or happiness is mathematical. To be happy and successful is when the neurology is operating at full resourcefulness and relaxed. This is the domain of the Learning State. To achieve mastery (Law of Success No 10) is where this state of awareness becomes the default habit again. This requires a consistent application for the default habit to change within the unconscious mind and neurology. The prime directives of the unconscious mind are fully reliable, it's mathematical in operation. What varies the outcome is the many variables that influence these rules, hence the importance of pillar No4 Law Zero.

Law 5: Give Back

Sharing your gifts or your caring is what Arnold Schwarzenegger's Laws of Success No 5 is all about. To help and share feels good. It's part of a balanced person's natural human behaviour.

In this video I explain the various ways you can give back. What is even better about giving is it teaches you. To teach or demonstrate your new skill or behaviour with others means you master your skills more.

These skills then become more reliable in tougher situations. I also explain that giving may be a matter of timing, once you have learned enough to share or you have the time to.

Making it methodical and practical

Jason's extra 5 Laws of Success

The next five Laws of Success are the structure of how you make it happen. If you have these next four laws, then you can achieve the final law of Mastery. That is a pretty sweet place to live in. All ten Laws of Success interweave and connect. They are common sense, but if each aspect isn't consciously addressed they can be overlooked.

Law 6: Blance

Being highly driven like Arnold Schwarzenegger can have severe drawbacks. Some people do manage it, but for how long before they suffer ill health either physically or mentally? Balance also ties into Law 8: Your Uniqueness. We all have different capacities, capabilities and inherent motivation. Arnold started his speech by saying he was always highly driven. In the question time after his keynote speech, he comments that giving this presentation was fun and relaxing for him. This is because he has mastered these skills (law 10), it is then natural and easy. Our environment also impacts our performance. A positive environment is easy and fun to work in (green traffic light states), an environment with a bully is severely draining and stressful (triggers yellow and red traffic light states).

We can sometimes be highly driven in one area of life but not others. This points to what interests us, or what we may be avoiding. It pays to take a look at all areas of your life to check and evaluate if there are any imbalances. What are the consequences of the imbalances is important to know, then change it if needed.

The 'hyped up rar rar motivational speak' is all good, but reality is life needs to be balanced with your abilities and situation. I discuss in the video how to anchor the Learning State in life, so it becomes normal and easy.

When you are in the Learning State your neurology, while activated fully, is also at rest. This helps prevent stress, it even reduces it. This then gives you the ability to achieve more and keep going for longer.

Balance needs to be considered throughout your academic year if you are a student. When are you going to fit everything in? The pandemic and its lockdowns showed us how important balance is. It helped to teach us what is important and what we take for granted. These considerations are covered in coaching.

Law 7: Community

Who is around you? Are you given support to make your life better in a positive way? Having people around you who have the same focus and intentions really helps.

This video is delightful with how I literally stroke and handle these wild cockatoos. Watch how they as a community go into the red traffic light and all fly away! But they come back fast as I am safe. Hopefully, you have a community that helps you like these birds do as a group! If not then set a goal (Law 1: Vision) and look for it.

Two cockatoos even do a little 'power play' dance for us, it's lovely to watch.

Success can be fun especially when you have people who support, be positive and keep you focused. Yay-sayers are the antidote to what Arnold Schwarzenegger calls the Nay-sayers. The typical human response of negativity, being put in a box and limitations are a drag when you are wanting to improve. A community of Yay-sayers helps you navigate the pitfalls that you may not yet know about. It's important you find these people to help you succeed.

Law 8: Uniqueness

We are all unique. We all have something that we are inherently good at. Do you know what your talents or abilities are? Often our natural gifts are not used, or worse put down and suppressed. If you are good at something that is unique often it makes us a target for Nay-saying.

Individuality is often squashed in our community and society. Education systems like conformity so they can teach content one way, and use standardised assessment tools. But we all have different ways we learn, share and thrive as happy contributing members of society. Finding this uniqueness is key. In coaching we will certainly look for your inner abilities and see how these can be used. It is important to find avenues to grow and use your uniqueness. This helps activate more of your neurology, to help you in standardised education systems.

This video is truly magical. Watch the same biting cockatoo be uniquely itself. It is a star who demonstrates what I am discussing to perfection. To find your own uniqueness is important, it helps you blossom into life.

Notice how I treat this biting Cockatoo, firm but loving. I treat the Cockatoo like I describe how best to talk to the unconscious mind; like it is a 5 year old best friend, brother or sister that you love. It keeps coming back and is determined!

The bird acts out the Laws of Success 1 to 4 to perfection! It is persistent and calm and keeps its eye on the goal (the seeds). Also of special note; in this video at one point this unique biting bird climbs up my chest. I then wrap my arm around it so it is restrained and pinned to my chest. Because I am in the Learning State and I am feeling caring for it the trapped bird stays calm. It does not go into the fight-flight survival response. It just makes its way out calmly and sits on my shoulder. This is a great example of how the Learning State affects everyone (humans and animals) in that environment.

If you re-watch this video a number of times, you will see that while this Cockatoo bites me it is subservient to the other parrots. The other parrots boss it away, and it moves back to being on my shoulder. Does this remind you of anyone you know? 
That was back in May 2019. Now in late 2021 I am quite familiar with why this bird behaved that way. Birds that hold a lower rank in the flock do tend to be more friendly as the risk of sharing with a human gives it an edge to the food that more bossy senior members will not tolerate. This is all tied to the survival instinct.

People that are bullied often behave this way. These birds show us ourselves. We do behave just like them, but our human complexity makes it less obvious. That is the magic these animal videos teach us. They give us a chance to see ourselves in a new way. When we see these nuances within ourselves we can then change them to a better response and new habit with practice.

Each of us has something to offer; what is it you have to offer with your uniqueness? Then how do we develop that and take it out so we can be passionate about sharing our abilities.

Law 9: Role-Models

Observing and examining a role model can give valuable insights into how you can do this yourself. Arnold Schwarzenegger did not make role models a law of success. He certainly makes it clear they were his inspiration and example of how to become the best. Arnold says more about that in the question section after the speech. Reg Park was his inspiring role model for body building who became a movie star. Arnold then set that as his vision (Law 1) and the rest is history.

A role model can be anyone who embodies and has something you want in your life. Role models can be a friend, family members, teacher or world stage personalities like Jacinda Ardern, Serena Williams or Barack Obama. A role model may just represent one skill set you aspire to be such as sporting abilities, their ability to communicate and or handle crisis situations smoothly.

A role modelrole models is someone you respect and appreciate how they do things. Some role-models are so inspiring they transcend all boundaries. Hence the location of this video.

This mural represents the goodness and caring that we all can embody. This goodness and leadership are natural traits built into our unconscious mind. All we have to do is come back to our natural birthright, as the unconscious default (Law 10: Mastery). We will then naturally behave this way. I term this default the Learning State in this website.

I have actively looked for and learned from my role models. Three of my role models are on the About Jason page. I was fortunate enough to work with and deeply understand how they operated, thought and succeeded in what they did. I have had my current mentor and supervisor for over 20 years.

If you want to succeed fast the best way is to look for a role model. Then research them, find out what they do and how they do it. The next stage is then to try and live that. This is the second half of the law, leadership. Firstly is to be a leader of yourself and your unconscious mind, to learn the new habits and skills. Then to share that, to be a leader and share it with others through demonstrating it. This will give you feedback to further improve what it is you are working towards.

Role-models naturally influence our behaviours. They can change us deeply without any effort. As a child our undisputed role-models are our parents and family. This is why this sets the base of our unconscious behavioural patterns and programs.

In the video I discuss role-models. I share how I handle Cockatoos that are biting my ankles and hands through using these core life skills.
Ask yourself; who do you want to become?

What do you want in your life? Is this what the role-model demonstrates? These questions help you tune and develop your Law 1 Vision. When we examine a role model they show us ways we can become like them. The tools to make these changes are in the life skills section of this website. This gives the rules and simple techniques to change behaviours, thinking and results so you can emulate your role model.
To help with this personal assistance is available with tutoring/coaching.

Law 10: Mastery

The final Law of Success is Mastery! This is where all components are worked together and the resourceful habits take over at an unconscious level. Then by default the desired skills, attitudes and success are easy. Mastery is earned. Mastery firstly takes self-honesty, self-responsibility. This is why I use the term Law Zero because without this it is impossible. Once you are willing to see what is required and self-evaluate honestly then it is about practicing the core life skills of State Awareness and the Learning State.

Anyone can do this (unless there are medical and clinical issues) as long as they want to. For some, this needs encouragement or nurturing. Others like Arnold Schwarzenegger have a natural abundance of these qualities. Usually, it is a matter of practicing these until the results are experienced.

My personal research concludes that setting the default habit of the unconscious mind to the Learning State can be achieved within 5 years if the 9 pillar framework is applied correctly. I did it in 5 years once I knew what to do. I was as driven as Arnold was but in the direction of living in the Learning State. In my observations of myself and others over the past three decades, I have yet to see these laws fail. It is mostly the personal application to these laws that determines how fast their default habit resets to the Learning State.

I explain the mastery process in this video. I talk about the learning curve with these intelligent big parrots and how fast I learned who was going to bite me. Pain is a great motivator, it can speed up the learning curve!

I also discuss the process of mastering the unconscious mind. Our unconscious mind is the real Master, it's how we operate. Hence it is pillar No5 in the framework.  The aim of the personal coaching is to engage participants actively in this mastery process to develop these core skill sets.

Eventually the Learning State becomes normal and default. This is what Carl Jung terms Individuation. Once that occurs, and settles, this process continues to deepen. Life just gets more amazing and it feels good as joy and happiness are the undercurrent of life.
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But something is missing....

These Laws of Success are what it takes for genuine achievement to happen. Any world class person in their field of endeavour will agree to this. However, there are two foundational pre-requisites needed or all the above will not happen. This is what I term Law Zero and that is pillar No4 in the framework.
Many of life's issues stem from these two aspects. It is foundational to being a functional human.

The framework page video explains simply the full picture of these different aspects pull together in a coherent structure. The combination of the core life skills, the whole brain learning techniques, Law Zero and these 10 Laws of Success make a solid practical framework to help you.

I boldly state on this website that this process is mathematical. This gets the Nay-sayers excited. Yet the evidence is the Nay-sayers don't live by default in the Learning State as they never applied this framework. It took me 5 years, once I knew what to do.

The math of Arnold's 5 laws is correct. I had a big vision, I was relentless (worked my ass off) with my State Awareness and Learning State consistency. Arnold did this to win his Mr Olympia & Mr Universe titles, his keynote speech discusses this clearly. Roger Federer does the same to be one of the top tennis players ever. I ignored the Nay-sayers. I studied the role models, I was coaching. All 10 Laws of Success help give guidance.

We all determine what is good enough for ourselves.  This framework here will help students be successful in the fastest way possible. It is designed to maximise their memory, resourcefulness and reduce stress in a way our human neurology and unconscious mind works. The quick fix is here, but it takes effort. Sorry, Law Zero states self-responsibility is required for action. Arnold says this differently in his keynote speech; "only the person who discovered gold in California had success without working for it".
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