Assessment & Booking

Before I commence working with the student I will discuss the Student Success Tutoring service with the parent/payer on a phone call or Skype session. The assessment session with the parent/payer will be free.

All sessions and packages need to be paid in advance.

If there are any issues noted from the coaching sessions we will chat it over. It depends on the level of support that is required to make a shift. Some issues are fast and easy and some require extensive assistance and encouragement to undo deep habits. However my results with students have always been very positive and often transformational.

We will ensure we all understand the service agreement so everyone's expectations are met.

First session with the student

The first session with the student will cover some of the basics of study and what they want to achieve. It will be about building rapport. Some simple tasks will be set to start this new life-changing process for the student. This will ensure we are a good match and there will be a great outcome.

I am here to transform lives and give students the skill sets to get great grades and deal with life in a resourceful manner.

Pricing & Payment

Americans, Australians and New Zealanders can pay by direct debit and thus get a discount as it's at their exchange rate otherwise the sessions are payable in USD (US dollars).

In General:
♦ Booking for the second session onwards can occur once payment is made if "paying as you go." Packages will have a set day and time for consistency, as spaces are limited.

♦ I will call / Skype at the appointed time. The session will be over the phone if either of us doesn't have internet access (or internet drops out mid-session). I will notify you beforehand if it is a phone session otherwise it will be over Skype. This will help ensure sessions take place.

♦ Sessions start and end on time, so please be available at 10 past the hour for 50 minute session (e.g., a 6:10pm start).

♦ For the tutoring one-on-one packages parent feedback calls will be 10 mins maximum. I will call rather than email as this is more time-efficient and we understand each other better that way. We will discuss this before we start tutoring.

Contact Welcome

This service is offered globally. I will answer immediately or as soon as I can. We can book a time if you want a call back at a time that suits you. I will leave a message if you do not answer your phone.
My preference is that you call me direct, please leave a clear message if I don't answer, speaking numbers slowly so I can hear them correctly is important.

Time zones:
For session commencement times the below may be available. These time below are stated in your time zone:

Australia (Eastern) any time with the last session starting 7pm your time.
New Zealand any time with the last session starting 9pm your time.
PST/PDT that is California (etc) sessions starting at 2pm onwards your time.
EST/EDT which is New York (etc) sessions starting at 5pm onwards your time.
Other countries, please contact to see where you can fit.

You set a time where you live regardless of daylight saving or not, and I adjust so the scheduled times stay the same for you. My time zone is ADT / AEDT (GMT +10 or +11 for daylight saving).

If you call please leave a message if I don’t answer. Returning your returning call is a priority.

 Or send a text message +61435522535
My phone is always on flight mode when sleeping, so just call to leave a clear message. I will be in touch to discuss.

Phone: +61 435 522 535
In Australia call: 0435 522 535

Email me

Please send me an email direct via your normal email app / program. I will call or respond as soon as I can.
You will need to manually type the below email address, this saves recapture time wasting.

You will receive an automated email reply if your reply is received. If you do not get this confirmation then please call or txt/SMS me, my number is at the bottom of every page.

Pricing & Packages

3 session introductory package of Academic Life Coaching:
3 weekly sessions: One upfront payment of $495*. That's $165 per session, saving $90.
Or casual rate below can be paid weekly in advance.

Eight weekly session package of Academic Life Coaching:
8 weekly sessions: One upfront payment of $1095*. That's $137 per session, saving 30% or $465.
Or casual rate below can be paid weekly in advance.

LearnWhispering course is included with the 3 session and 8 session coaching packages: This course is included as it demonstrates how to apply the Learning State with the framework as practical guide and to give support in learning. This will also highly support students who lack interest to help apply and learn these skills in others areas.

Casual hourly:
Casual session rate rate: $195* per standard 50 minute Skype or phone session. This does not include the LearnWhisping course.

Scholarships & Discretionary Discount:
Reduced prices or Skill exchanges may be available if finance is an issue. Please see the scholarship page.

Prices may be discounted for families who need this service who are on low incomes and find these standard industry rates to high. Please make contact to discuss.
* = per payment TnCs and service agreement per standard 50 minute online session.

If emailing please send these details

Please email me the necessary information below to confirm a booking. This can be done before or after we have our assessment call, before is preferable to assist the assessment call with you, after is also fine.

Please email me the necessary information below to place a return call request.
Cut and paste the below into your email and add the relevant information so I can contact all parties at suitable times.

Your information:
1. Your Name:
2. Your Phone IMPORTANT: Include country and area code and Skype ID if you have one:
3. Your time zone or major city so I can calculate time difference:
4. Possible times that suit, in your time:
5. What tutoring / coaching package do you want to know more about; 8 week, the semester /16 week or pay as you go?
Please provide basic information about the student or person:
6. Name (preferred and full name):
7. Their Age:
8. Study information include place, subjects & level, and time zone if different to yours as the parent / guardian:
9. Your questions, issues or areas of focus you want as the parent:
10. Your Student's Skype ID if they have one already. For video we will need one before the session or it will be phone only. This can be done by them before the session, installed on both on their computer and their mobile phone/tablet.


Your information will never be shared. All my systems use two-factor authentication (2FA) and cryptic un-guessable passwords and encrypted drives. If I email a group of participants this will be via a mail chimp mail list, this can be unsubscribed at any time with the link at the bottom of that email. If you do get an email it will be rare. I don't do news letters, the website will have current events listed.