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It starts here: Self-honesty & self-responsibility

Law Zero: The prerequisites of self-honesty & self-responsibility are as important as breathing if one is to live a life of happiness & success. Law Zero holds pillar No4 in the 9 pillar framework. These core human traits then empower the 10 Laws of Success. Self-honesty is the first of these two foundational human traits. It is important to know that these can be developed. Regardless of how psychologically advanced you may be, these traits can be further refined and enhanced. This aspect is complex, please watch the video where I explain.


Why is self-honesty so important?

Self honesty is foundational to any decision or evaluation process. It relates to our inner processes and feeling state. This then impacts any skills or habits contained in this website as these are based on internal State Awareness.

The basic dynamics and operation of the unconscious mind of the student (or adult) needs to be observed by that person. Only that person can do this for themselves. For example, it is required for the traffic light evaluation when doing the State Awareness exercise. The second step is to evaluate the nuances of their neurology as they go into the Learning State. Noticing the differences between the before and after give the feedback if the Learning State has been achieved, or at what depth it has been activated.

Self-honesty in this website has nothing to do with the level of truth spoken to others. This is purely about internal honesty to help oneself.

A person has to want to be honest and see what is going on inside of themselves to get a clear indication of what is required in any situation. What's important for learning and bringing the unconscious mind back into its harmonious state is self-honesty.

As self-honesty is practiced it does improve. It's no different from any skill we learn, be that tying a shoelace, playing tennis or flying a jet fighter.

However, self-honesty is very critical when it comes to learning, living, relating and success in study. Improvement cannot happen without this critical process taking place.

Naturally the flow on effect of self-honesty is foundational to the character and conduct of a person. Individuals that do not be self-honest tend to have dysfunctional relationships. They will tend to be dysfunctional unconsciously, meaning they tend to run on reactive red traffic light programming. This is not a conscious choice in this moment and can often be detrimental to all involved.

Behaviours are based on the limbic system which is the amygdala and reptilian brain areas. This means it is a fight-flight instinct response for safety reasons. These people typically have low emotional intelligence and 'dump their baggage' on others if aggressive. Others will do the opposite and be passive and not say or do anything.

What is possible is this fundamental function can be improved. This assumes the person wants it. As the saying goes 'you can take a horse to water, but you cannot force it to drink'. People are unmotivated and dysfunctional for a reason (please read the unconscious mind page). Working with this can take time and nurturing.

And lets be clear: This is a continuum, we can all improve our level of self-honesty, and then self-responsibility. The depth of our unconscious mind is unfathomable so there is plenty to uncover and be aware of.

Law Zero part 2: Self-responsibility

for ownership and action

Being self-honest to acknowledge and observe something is the first step. The second is to take ownership. Only the person can choose where to place their attention and apply their time.

If they take self-responsibility for that then they can take the appropriate action to move to the desired outcome. The desired outcome could be anything like entering the Learning State to study or baking a cake. This video explains this second most foundational requisite, please watch it, and re-watch it.

The foundational multipliers of success

These two factors make a core multiplier (or divider if used as a percentage) of successful outcomes. While it is empirically impossible to give an exact percentage for each, it is the exercise of awareness around them that will indicate the speed and stability of a person to achieve a goal. In this case, the rate and stability of a person to hold the Learning State, thus be at peace and fully resourceful.

What happens over time with State Awareness and Learning State entry is they become more regular and deeper. Eventually it becomes the default habit. The prime directives of the unconscious mind make this a mathematical function.

As I state in a video above what is 2 x 0.5? It equals 1.0. Thus it will take a person twice as long to get to 2. Being half self-honest and self responsible means the result is halved. This is a metaphor for the effectiveness of these factors. To return to the default state of peace and joy means it can be done faster if the individual is more self-honest and self-responsible.

Eventually the Learning State becomes the default setting. This is quite parallel to Carl Jung's Individuation process. The Learning State is then held both consciously and unconsciously in more intense situations. I explain that happening in the emergency response video when I was hit by a car in 2018.
To use Jungian terms the 'Self' (big Self) is maintained while the 'self' (little self or ego) deals with the tough stuff in life. The integrated wholeness of the psychological mechanism keeps one's mind and neurology in peak performance. Trauma induced fight-flight responses and traumatised behaviour responses are not activated. If they do trigger the person can still hold them and maintain the Learning State of awareness.

I describe that in the car crash video where I said I entered the Learning State instantly once I hit the ground. I did this even though I was unable to breathe because I had been winded. I was able to function fully, assess my body damage and make a video of the accident scene within 60 seconds of being hit and taken 20 meters (65 ft). I was able to control my body's shock response. With self-honesty, that becomes highly tuned. I like to say, all this is measurable, that was certainly a measurable event! Pillar No3 in the framework is evidence, and this was one big ugly event of unpleasant evidence.

I have lived consistently in the Learning State since January 2008, that's 14 years at the end of 2021. These 14 years have included a full range of unpleasant human experiences where I was able to maintain the Learning State. The cockatoo videos where I get bitten also demonstrate this to a lesser degree. This was painfully so when bitten on the ear by a wild Sulphur Crested Cockatoo in the Laws of Success 4: Work Your Ass Off video. There are no edits at that part of the video, yet I recover and get on with talking even though the sharp pain continued for a bit.

In summary:
At the simple level, to get better grades the person needs to have these two factors to some degree. Then they can turn their neurology on to learn and remember more easily. To live permanently in the Learning State is then a matter of time and application. Repetition is how a habit is set. The correct habit means success. The unconscious mind is a habit machine.

Only two questions then remain:
1. What is it you want? (Laws of Success 1: vision)
2. What will you do about it? (Law Zero)

Then it is a matter of applying the skills in this website to achieve the desired goal.

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