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Deeper benefits & behavioural skills

The impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and change is unrepresented in this time. Core like skills, flexibility and people skills are required to survive, prosper and to be employable. Whole industries are being wiped out or transformed so fewer humans are employed.

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Beyond Education: what’s required?

The immediate focus with Student Success Tutor is the core study and learning skill set to improve study, memory and learning. To make it most effective the student is asked to monitor themselves and to notice how it works for them. This means they start to see their internal processes and what impact that has on their learning and motivation. This takes their abilities to an enhanced level.

To embody these deeper benefits that this service gives may not be the original intention, however they are the greater outcome. A structural shift to problem solving and self monitoring gives a person the ability to chase their dream and make life work. They build the skills and guts to deal with failure, rejection and life’s hard lessons that we all face.

Hence the importance of feedback and monitoring with Student Success Tutoring. This builds the application and motivation to get the work done. Behavioural change is then guaranteed. Like riding a bike, once these skills and motivation habits have been learned they are not forgotten. Then later in life they are there to be picked back up and ridden again, just like the bike.

These skills of going through this important learning curve builds courage and self acceptance. From this place life is approached from a more empowered place. While better grades are the focused outcome, the bigger value is an enhanced life for year into the future.

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Its in the news: Artificial Intelligence is coming…

My personal outlook is to be positive. To nurture and encourage a positive potential for myself and others. Yet I think this following issue of artificial intelligence (AI) is too important to ignore as it will force us all to be comfortable with change. The current student generation will face this full on. Education systems are simply not geared to what is coming.

For the past two years artificial intelligence taking and changing jobs has been in the news. In 2017 Australia the ABC news website has published over 10 keynote articles on how all professions will be hit. Scary pictures like this one on the front page of the website for months are features you see every day for weeks. This picture here has been repeatedly used from August 2017 to February 2019 (so far)!
Its not just low skill jobs, but highly skilled professions like doctors, teachers and accountants who will also be affected.

Set your son or daughter up for life so they are future proof as technology and artificial Intelligence transforms all industries in the decades ahead.

Its important that people have the skills to learn, self motivate and master their direction to succeed in fast changing industries. Help them be future proof with their internal skills set that they learn through Student Success Tutoring.

Quotes given by world experts in these articles point to what is required:

What does the worldwide head of research at Google tell his kids about how to prepare for the future of work with artificial intelligence? “I tell them … wherever they will be working in 20 years probably doesn’t exist now,” Peter Norvig says. “No sense training for it today.Be flexible, he says, “and have an ability to learn new things“.


Copying [AI computer] code takes almost no time and cost. Anyone who says they know that more jobs will be created than destroyed is fooling themselves and fooling us. Nobody knows that,” says University of New South Wales professor of AI Toby Walsh. “The one thing we do know is the jobs that will be created will require different skills than the jobs that will be destroyed. And it will require us to constantly be educating ourselves to keep ahead of the machines.


Seventeen jobs and five careers — it is exhausting just thinking about it. But that is the prediction for school-leavers, according to research done for the Foundation for Young Australians (FYA).
We should stop encouraging young people to think about a ‘dream’ job,” Jan Owen, CEO of FYA, says.

These three quotes indicate the required skill sets that are needed to do well in the future.

A good future is simple

  1. Know how to learn and be sharp.
  2. Know how to be flexible.
  3. Know how to research and apply.
  4. Know how to do it fast.
  5. Know how to motivate oneself to meet and beat the obstacles to Success.

All these skills are the foundation of the core study skill module at Student Success Tutor. Then after learning these core skills we develop these to a deep behavioural level so academic success is just the start of a bright future.

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Future Success beyond study skills video transcript

Note: transcript is word for word – thus grammar may not be formally correct.

While Student Success tutor is about study and passing and using the brain correctly, which it does so well. There are some other major benefits that come through with this tutoring coaching type process. That is your son or daughter learns what it is that makes them tick (operate inside). The processes [and skills] are about monitoring why they study, why they don’t. How to learn from your mistakes. That develops a sense inside of how to monitor one’s emotions, one’s beliefs and these other things that often just run people.
It teaches your student the art of being self-driven. That they can choose to do what they want. What they truly feel they want to do from within their heart to get what they want in their life rather than fitting in socially. We will look at things that get in the way, be that social media, the ‘phone’ and all these other things.
Because while it’s great to succeed it’s also good to be a balanced human being. This tutoring process embodies that so what you get is a well-rounded adult. They can succeed in life. Some of these skills aren’t actually taught in the education systems around the planet, I know I’ve been talking to people. Nothing’s particularly changed since I was a student.
This is what this does, it gives that extra support, helps the student to do really well in their studies. But also teaches them how to operate as a human being so they can be successful in their relationships. Be that their friendships, partnerships or work and at study this is how it helps.
This is why the regular coaching / tutoring aspect develops something deeper. Please make contact ask any questions and we’ll see if the service suits you and we will book a time. I’m looking forward to hearing from you I’m Jason Hopkinson for Student Success tutor .com

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