Tutoring / Academic Life Coaching

Why it's the best

Each person's strengths and weaknesses are assessed within the Student Success Tutor 9 pillar framework.  Parents will be informed as to what could be of most benefit to help the participant. The aim is to move towards being a better learner and a competent whole person. The student will be walked through how to study, use the Learning State, focus, and motivate themselves.

Parents will be kept informed, per the service agreement, as to what is happening and how they can support this process. The 9 pillar framework will be used as a guide to maximize the progress towards the goals set by the participant and the wishes of the parents.

It is about developing a passion for learning and growth so the individual becomes more self supportive and empowered. Developing these abilities takes time and consistency. Growing the new habit and experiencing the benefits is life changing.

The Basic 8 Sessions

Academic Life Coaching with Jason

This standard 8 week coaching package is designed to help a person learn the skills, attitudes, and motivation to help them in their personal situation.
As mentioned in the Motivation Improvement & Learning Issues page the approach will be a collaboration with feedback.

This service is suitable for:
- Motivation improvement
- Building a study and success routine
- General coaching
- Learning issues and problems

Parent feedback is given within the service guidelines as part of this package.
Adding extra family members to tutoring / coaching can be done. To read more tap this link.
Please call or book a free assessment or call-back.

Pricing & Packages

Eight weekly session package of Academic Life Coaching:
8 weekly sessions: One upfront payment of $1200*. That's $150 per session, saving 23% or $45 per session or $360.
Or casual rate below can be paid weekly in advance.

 Special Offer: Purchase the 8 session package and the LearnWhispering 101 course is free. This offer is valid while you see this here and the course is under construction.

Casual hourly:
Casual session rate rate: $195* per standard 50 minute Skype or phone session.

Reduced prices or Skill exchanges may be available if finance is an issue. Please see the scholarship page.

Tutoring Coaching Packages with extra family members:

Other family members can be added to coaching as the basic life & study skills can be taught at the same time.
However extra time and resources are required to teach more than one person. It requires more time for appropriate feedback and 1-on-1 time.
I work with the individual at a granular level within the 9 pillar framework.
Extra sessions for a second sibling may be required. This extra 1-on-1 time may be added during the 8 week program.

Pricing on these variations can be discussed during the free enrollment and assessment call.