Skill Swaps

Anybody can help and have the services or courses given at reduced prices or 100% free. Money isn't an issue if you don't have any. This allows you to benefit from what's on offer here while you (or the benefactor of your effort) get to learn and practice the skills.

A key point of focus within this framework is that as a human we have command over 2 things only: firstly time and secondly attention. This is the basis of everything in life. It's how we create value. So let's use that to help you have what you, or your child, want in life.

Use your skills

This involves helping with your skill set, whether you are the guardian or the child. For example: correcting my terrible typos, graphics (YouTube thumbnails), social media assistance, marketing, music creation, or website development, in return for what's on offer here.

Anybody can see a typo--it’s just a matter of how long it takes you. It’s about you learning to do your Learning State while you perform the task that is the point. If something confuses you in the text or video for that page we will chat it over to help you personally and/or fix my bad writing. You will develop your awakening through practicing your State Awareness and Learning State while you work on this website. Brilliant!

I'll give clear and easy instructions, maybe a video on what's required, as you work with this material.

The only way to embody these abilities is to activate the skills as you live them. This is a perfect and very rare opportunity to work with a skilled teacher one-on-one.

Nothing beats being involved in a project that is bigger than yourself. When you involve yourself in this material it helps embody and master it. Watching and thinking are never as good as learning and doing. You can think and read about this as much as you like but it will never lead to competency. Involvement and application are the quantum factors of success.

How the exchange works

Copy and paste the below questions into your email app and send it. I’ll then contact you to discuss this. We will decide what time length or quantity of items will be completed as the exchange.

When you have completed the tasks within the time frame we agree upon you can have the exchange. can do what I’m asking but I want people who are keen to grow so they benefit from being involved. If you are confused by the material please ask questions as this helps you and myself to be clearer for others. Working on this material activates your unconscious mind so you process the material at a deeper level. Being active and trying your best helps take you deeper to understand the content so you can use it in life.

The 4 ingredients of success apply as ingredient #1 "What do you want -- and what will you do about it" is the first requirement to anything in life.

Note: Any work undertaken is done with full agreement that all material remains 100% the property and copyright of myself and the website and cannot be used elsewhere or shared without permission. The website Terms and Conditions apply.

Possible Activities

You can suggest other exchanges from you skill set

Below are some of the possible things that I need help with. Your skill set may not be listed here. Please tell me how you can contribute in an exchange.

YouTube and website thumbnails and other graphics: To make the cover shots of the video for YouTube and the website lightboxes that pop out on the website page. Copyright needs to be respected from the source documents you use/alter. Infringement and penalties apply from creators, YouTube, and Google. Everything here is unique on purpose.

I’ll supply the idea, picture, or a photo of a sketch with a description of what I want. Some will be simple and some will be complex. You then apply your uniqueness, while being aligned with the general brand of this website.

Proof Reading: Correct grammar, typos, and word flow. The written word is my great weakness, my brain has "auto error" installed. If your English skills are good I'd appreciate the help so my content is easier to read and grammatically correct. Yes, my language is unique so some things I say are quite intentional.

Social Media (Facebook, Instagram,  TikTok, etc.): I've plenty of great images and video #Shorts (or snippets from video to make Shorts). These can make stunning and possibly viral YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok items. I've had one small video of grabbing a kookaburra go semi-viral on YouTube it zipped from 200 views to 1.3 million in 4 weeks. Then the YouTube algorithm decided to not suggest it anymore. That video does not even have a thumbnail! I've hundreds of unlisted videos and snippets that are better than that.

Social media is another personal weakness of mine. I want to keep it that way... Resource allocation of time and attention is the key, hence this exchange page.

Website development and/or tutoring me on that: WordPress, CSS, php, SEO, wooCommerce, Mailchimp, analytics, and so on. A website developer who is great at Pro Theme (or Elementor for LearnWhispering) would be awesome.

Hour-for-hour swaps depend on your skill set with Pro/Elementor and WP-Admin exchanges.

Web Developers--You will be given the ability to transfer my help to another person if you want, e.g., a family member or friend.

Marketing assistance: This would be greatly appreciated. Facebook marketing and other methods will be considered.
I don't play the funnel marketing game as I'm quite opposed to manipulation. I'm firmly in to presenting the idea and if the person #1 Wants it they will follow through.

Music: Assistance to make music for Learning State and study skills music. If you can create some ambient synth, then even better. As I respect copyright I don't use other people's music in my videos.

Fill out the contact form below, answer the questions, and I'll reply per the above with an answer for the next step.

Your Uniqueness

Just add Presence to develop it

We are all unique, per the below video! We all have something that we are inherently good at. Do you know what your talents or abilities are? Often our natural gifts are not used, or worse put down and suppressed. If you are good at something that uniqueness often makes us a target for naysaying (i.e., Law 3: Ignore the naysayers).

We also have unique blocks (pillar No8 is blind spots) to our progress in life, so what are those blocks and challenges? We can navigate this as part of your exchange to help you.

Here are the full 10 videos on the Laws of Success.


Send me an email

Please cut and paste the below questions into your email app. Send it to the below email address. I'll be back in contact.
If this is your professional job please send a link of your work, and your charge rate for your skill set.

I shall be in touch, thank you.

Your information:
1. Your Name (first and last).


2. Your Phone IMPORTANT: Include both country and area code.

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3. Your time zone or major city so I can calculate time difference if I need to call.

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4. How did you find out about Jason or StudentSuccessTutor (please).


5. Skype or Google Meet IDs for video 1on1.

Skype ID:
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6. What do you consider you major blocks to living in Abiding Awakening (please dot point these).


7. What skills sets do you want to offer as an exchange base for the services offered here? What is your proficiency or competency at these?


8. Please give a link to examples if possible.


9. If this skill set was used in a job, what would your realistically charge? Please give $ per hour rate for each skill set.