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Learning Skills are Life Skills

A successful student is one who knows how to learn and motivate themselves. This same core skill set also gives them the ability to handle their emotions, tough times and changing circumstances. The skills sets taught here at Student Success Tutor gives the student behavioral flexibility to tackle any situation be that exam stress, an assignment or the class bully. The skills taught here are foundational for being a good human being who also knows how to succeed in what they want. It's more than better grades, its a better attitude to life and the ability to tackle and succeed in study, hobbies , career and relationships.

Learning Skills are core Life Skills

All learning is state dependent, if one can learn to enter the right state then learning and academic success is maximised for the effort put in. The Learning state has many other uses, and to feel good, perform well or just to relax the Learning State plays a role. Dealing with pandemics, lockdown, relationship problems the skills set is basically the same; State Awareness and the Learning State. These master skills then help develop a competent person. I help the student to attune to how they operate so they are at choice and able to make good choices and then act on them.

Learning State is optimal for any situation

to do you best in any situation, including great situations

Doing well at school and university is where the foundation of one's life is set. It sets the base for relating, motivation and self esteem. It sets how we relate to life and its unpredictable circumstances, like a tree crashing on you (watch the video). Mastering the core learning skills here give the behavioral flexibility to respond in good situations not just tough ones. This video demonstrates how the Learning State can be used to make the most of a delightful situation. In this case a wild Koala decided to walk up to me! Luckily I was filming a Superb Fairy Wren (Malurus cyaneus) bopping around me at the time (and those birds are extremely hard to get close to!). Events like this in life are rare, knowing how to enter a responsive state helps you and everyone make the most of it.

Student Success Framework

Thirty-two years of personal research, coaching and teaching has resulted in a unique unbreakable 9 pillar framework. Using this approach to study, relationships and any activity or skill will lead to growth and accomplishments. The 9 pillars give the tools, methodology and self-assessment abilities to achieve what is desired. The 9th pillar is it applies to all areas of life, so to do better at school or university through this service here gives that person the same transferable skills, abilities and framework to do well in relationships, hobbies and career. This is because our neurology, mind and motivation is interconnected. When you learn how you operate better outcomes in any life situation is now possible.

In the free assessment call before we start tutoring we will discuss what outcomes to focus upon and how we will go about making this happen.

Learning State in Emergencies

Skills to stay alive in tough situations

Life will always present tough situations. What is critical is being functional and knowing what response is best. Here I share how my core life skill sets of State Awareness and the Learning State helped me when I was hit by a car.

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