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Learning and academic performance are 100% related to activating the optimal performance state. This is defined here as the Learning State. This involves turning on the whole brain and body neurology to soak up and use the new knowledge and skills. These same skills are required for sports, employment, hobbies and performance of any task.

The skills learned here are the owner's manual of being a competent human. This means you can do your best in any situation. Technology is requiring us to know how to learn and change fast. Being able to enter the optimal learning and performance state is the most critical skill in this fast-changing world we live in. Learning to learn correctly is the key to doing well in all areas of life.

Schools and educational institutions simply ignore the importance of how we learn and function. Read-write rote learning isn't how humans or the world functions.

Education systems use inefficient left brain learning methods only which hinders most students from being their best. Hence it is the responsibility of parents and students to learn and master these most critical skills for themselves. I’ve spoken to school principles that have been published saying the education system is in crisis. The problem is these schools have close to zero resources to assist in teaching students these core life and learning skills.

The four ingredients of Success to

Grow Motivation

Motivation and application are the key to anything in life. It’s particularly important for doing well at any form of study or academic pursuit. The action-success process can be distilled into four key ingredients. I discuss these four ingredients and motivation in the video below.

School and tertiary study is a years-long process that can greatly improve the trajectory of one's life. Mastering the core learning skills taught on this website will give you a good foundation to make the most of time spent in school and beyond. I will help your student set up the groundwork for relating to others, having good self esteem, and being motivated. Understanding the process of doing well in life is a game changer.

The KEY to Enjoyable Learning & Life Happiness

Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Emotional intelligence (EQ) is like IQ but in relation to your emotions rather than your mental intelligence (IQ). Educational institutions do little to nothing to develop EQ. This is one of the most important aspects a human can develop. Emotional intelligence impacts our ability to handle emotions and deal with every life situation, then how well you relate with everybody. It's a core life skill and these skills taught here dramatically improve emotional intelligence if practiced to become a habit. Being socially competent is more important than being smart. Annoying people around you does not help you to succeed in life so it's easy and enjoyable. Emotional intelligence gives that ability to relate at a deeper level so people respond and respect you.

Whole-brain & full neurology activation is

The Learning State

This video explains the Learning State as it is demonstrated with 100% wild unruly Sulphur Crested Cockatoos. It shows how the complex task of recording a coherent video with smart wild parrots is done with the Learning State. Like us humans, cockatoos are organic habit machines. Master the best habit and life follows suit, especially in regards to learning. All learning is state-dependent.

Notice how the birds react unconsciously. Humans have a choice to be conscious, if willing. That is what the skills taught here are about: being at choice, conscious, and running the optimal habits for learning and a great life.

How this service works

The first 8 sessions

All learning is state dependent. If one can learn to enter the right state, then learning and academic success are maximized for the effort put in. The Learning State has many other uses: to feel good, perform well, or to just relax. This is how our neurology and psychology operate. These master skills help develop a competent person. Dealing with pandemics, lock downs, or relationship problems the skill set is the same. I help the student to attune themselves to how they operate. Then they grow the behavioral flexibility to respond, rather than unconsciously react. This leads to making better choices and acting on them. The feedback loop of better outcomes reaffirms new habits and an empowered way of living.

The 8 session package steps anyone through the core skills. The weekly coaching sessions act as the feedback and motivation process. This way we get into the specifics and what suits the individual best. While these skills seem simple and obvious they do take time to turn into a correct habit. We are organic habit machines. The role of the unconscious mind (pillar No5 in the framework) is to run our habits for us. To grow these optimal skills and abilities to be our natural behavior takes time and practice. How do you get good at tennis? Practice and if possible having a good coach to nurture the right habits and skills.

Neuroscience & Jungian Psychology based

Structural 9 Pillar Framework

Backed with thirty years of research, testing and 6 years of postgraduate study the spine of this academic life coaching is based on my 9 pillar framework. It's a step into greater detail of the structures for growing success. This is the structure and flow of how to approach study, work, hobbies, and personal development. It is built on a solid base of learning theory, Jungian psychology and neuroscience. The middle pillar No5 is the Unconscious Mind, which plays a critical role in your state of awareness, brain and cognitive functions.

The framework is extremely solid and structural as it incorporates unbreakable fundamentals of psychology and neuroscience. Best of all pillar No3 is Rules of Evidence, where one uses their State Awareness to check and sense the validity of their state or actions. Pillar No9 is Common Sense. Yep, this framework applies to most areas of life. This proves its worth to develop a great life and a responsible, mature person.

The LearnWhispering 101 video course at teaches you how to apply the 9 pillar framework to relate to nature. There are many hours of videos where we delve into the 9 pillar framework as it applies to us, nature and animals. This offers an alternate way for students who don't enjoy standard educational practices to learn about learning from a unique perspective.

Pillar No7 is Structure: Structure rules content (ideas, beliefs, information and theory). These skill sets apply to any context. If applied to tennis, one can then transfer these skills to achieving better academic outcomes. Pillar No9 is common sense which means the skills and structure applies to many areas of life. This framework is groundbreaking in its simplicity and usefulness.

Skills to stay alive in tough situations

Learning State in Emergencies

Life will always present tough situations. What is critical is being functional and knowing what response is best. Here I share how my State Awareness and Learning State helped me when I was hit by a car.

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