Student Success Sessions

How the online sessions work

The 50 minute online sessions will be run using the Student Success Tutor methodology and the 9 pillar framework structure. This is a tried and tested mix of accelerated learning, neuroscience, mind/body technologies like educational kinesiology and memory enhancing techniques.
The reason for this is two-fold: Firstly, it will help the student to remember the subject matter. The second reason is to demonstrate how to set up and run one’s own study sessions at home. This builds the habit of correct and effective learning and study.

Teaching the structure of the 9 pillar framework will also be built in as we have the sessions. That way the student will learn to assess life and their actions so they naturally respond in situations to help them most.

Sessions will typically follow this format:
Brief introduction of what we will cover.
Turn our brains on by the use of "Brain Gym" or similar activities to activate the Learning State.
Feedback from last week's learning and activities.
Review goals, plans and what’s in it for me?
♦ Present lesson content then review the lesson.
♦ Where possible activities will be used to activate the skills.
♦ Brain friendly mini Learning State entry breaks will be used where appropriate to keep us in the peak Learning State. These will then be set as an objective to use in class.

♦♦ Goals and feedback questions will be set that cover the session's topic for next week so we can tailor the technique's effectiveness and use.

Sessions start at 10 past the hour (eg: 6:10 pm) for 50 minute session, then end at the top of the hour (eg: 7 pm).

After the online session

After the session, it is up to the student to practice what was covered. Either a worksheet or questions will be given in the session to help the student review and learn what was covered. The questions assist by:

Acting as a guide for the student to track their progress regards what we covered in the session.
To build (pillar No3) evidence as to what they are learning and why.
To set goals and desired outcomes.
As a motivator to be in a routine.
To give backup material links to videos, music and alternative strategies (etc).
♦ To record insights, questions, problems that crop up, wins and to note what was new.

These are key to the feedback process. The habit of improvement, focus and attention then forms. The week's results are the basis of the next session. The feedback process is key to understanding what works, what didn't and how motivation was working (or not). Success is a matter of developing what works and finding out why something didn't work and changing it. This feedback process builds that habit, especially when guided by an external expert.

Online sessions: What's needed

All Sessions are online or by phone

Online Skype or Zoom is the preference, but phone is the backup method if one of us isn't able to connect or we drop out mid-session.

You will need:
Internet connection that is fast enough to Skype (if you can play YouTube videos it should be fine). Have Skype installed on your main school device (tablet or computer) and mobile phone.
A mobile or landline number I can call if there are internet issues to continue the session.
A4 sized unlined paper or book for note taking.
Coloured fine tip pens for mind mapping.
A bottle of water.

A quiet room that gives the student privacy so we can talk freely.

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Individual online tutoring is limited to 12 students a week.
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