The Learning State

The KEY to Better Memory & Life Success

The Learning State is the MOST CRITICAL factor to maximize learning, retention and application of information. The learning state optimises physical skills also. After three decades of research, living and experimenting with the Learning State I can say with confidence this is also the key to life happiness and success habits. In this video I explain the benefits your daughter, son or students can achieve from Student Success Tutoring and learning this most critical human skill. It's more than better Grades!

Learning State explained

Wild Parrot demo for students

How do you enter the learning state? I explain as I demonstrate it with wild King Parrots. It shows how complex tasks can be performed while in the learning state. I also explain the benefits of the learning state, and the key one is that you end up feeling good and stress free. Yes, it is the doorway to photographic memory. My method is backed by science, and I have develop photographic memory when at University from using it.

The King Parrots also show us how to learn and how we behave. The 'young bird' (slight yellow on the beak, as opposed to the black beak mature birds) that I hold, does all the grumpy behaviour and biting everything including my ear. Just Delightful! There is plenty to watch with the bird behaviour and how I work with these lovable birds. As these birds never give their distress call they are actually OK with me handling them. Tap picture to watch this fun video.

What is the Learning State

The learning state is where the whole brain’s left and right neocortex is activated for learning, recall and being optimally functional. This applies to any setting be that education, sports, workplace or biking (etc). The neocortex is the top cauliflower looking brain. Humans have the biggest neocortex of all mammals. Furthermore, the deeper areas of the brain including the corpus callosum (the highways between left and right sides of the brain, for multi tasking), limbic system and the reptilian brain are more accessible for memory linkage with emotions and the senses.

Technically what this does it is makes synaesthesia more natural. People who have natural photographic memory naturally make more synaesthesias. Photographic memory is more neural connections in different parts of the brain. Using the learning state more linkages are made in the neurology thus memory, understanding and long term recall is easier to access and is longer lasting.

Standard educational practices tend to promote only left neocortex connections. This is half (if not closer to 1/4) brain learning. This explains why so many students fail, find learning hard or just dead boring. Distraction and talking with classmates is much more fun. With the student success tutor method the body awareness is included in the learning state. This then multiplies the active neural connections as it includes neurology throughout the whole body. The solar plexus (tummy) area contains as much neural cells as the brain does. This also encourages natural synaesthesia, as the different senses are also included. The standard senses used in learning are the eyes, and ears (if listening) are activated into more alert states. To use the mobile phone bandwidth terminology, the learning capacity is taken from 3G capabilities to 4G capabilities.

The gut neurology is literally the second brain, so let’s use it! The solar plexus and all its neurology are also accessed through being in the learning state as taught here. My method is unique and has been developed over 20 years of personal application. The learning state is a relaxed place even if tensions and stress are present. The aim is the minimisation of stress but not necessarily the elimination of it. Some stress related conditions cannot be eliminated instantly. With the correct holding of the learning state, as described in this website and service, it's a relaxed state with awareness of the tensions and stresses. These stresses can be mental, emotional or physical. The basic life skills described here can assist in reduction, understanding, and hopefully elimination of some stress factors. Working with how the unconscious mind works certainly assists, its primary job is to take care of you. In fact its the No 1 prime directive of the unconscious.

The learning state is the door way to this, and to maximising your potential and easeful life. The correct activation of this learning state means these stresses are acknowledged thus allowing the unconscious mind to help resolve them. This method allows the full activation of the unconscious mind's resources. Learning is then maximised, and the unconscious mind can perform its tasks with full efficiency. With practice this skill becomes a habit which is why it is a focal point in tutoring to activate this not just in study but every aspect of life. Until then life and learning is like trying to accelerate a car with the hand-break on. Not only is acceleration slow and uses more gas, eventually parts over heat and break. Most humans operate with their neurological hand break on.

Our neurology and unconscious mind is designed to be very effective with minimal effort. Using your neurology in a way that it is designed means less effort and time is required. Outside of the learning state all other whole brain learning and memory techniques are effectively a manual effort. This is where conscious effort and time is applied to force multiple neural connections to be formed. For example to use a mnemonic (a Greek word for memory aid) to remember a quote or fact for an exam will need a rhyme or picture (a synesthesia) to be constructed that is memorable. Practising recall is needed to make it long term. There is a scientific system that maximises this called 'space time recall', which is a pattern of review.

The learning state as I teach it here is the way the body naturally operates. The addition of the whole brain study skill techniques will take your learning, recall and use of the knowledge to the next level of mastery.

Brain wave states

The Neuro science of learning

Understanding the link between our state, emotions and levels of awareness has a huge impact on learning, recall and processing information. This is the neurological science behind learning. The diagram shows the scientific links with the body, mind and consciousness. The brain's pulse can be measured like sound in cycles per second or Hertz. The machine used to make the measure is called an electroencephalograph (EEG).
These states are commonly categorised into four main sections. In reality your brain generates the full range of cycles most of the time.

The four types are discussed in terms of what is occurring when that particular pattern is predominant in the brain. With practice you can monitor and tell what brain cycles you are in. Each cycle has physiological indicators that help you tell if they are predominant. As you practice you will be able define these better and also operate at the deeper levels more consciously. For example I now tend to operate in Alpha as a default position most of my day even when highly stressed. Moments after being hit by a car I activated the Alpha state even though I was unable to breathe, because I knew this would help me deal with what had just happened (see: the emergency response page).

Beta (13- 40 cycles per second)
Beta brainwaves are associated with fast thinking and activity, unless trained otherwise. Low Beta is associated with concentration and alertness whilst the higher levels are associated with stress, anxiety and fight or flight reactions. Lack of low beta activity is associated with disorders such as depression, ADD (attention deficit disorder), addiction, OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) and other anxiety disorders.
Our eyes operate in focused (tunnel) vision when in this state.

In Beta, the left neo-cortex is predominantly active, i.e.: you are operating with half a brain. You will be learning at 5 to 25% efficiency if you are in the Beta brainwave state. Most educational systems and wrote learning methods are left brained beta state inducing. It is up to the learner to take responsibility to fully activate all their brain, and enter the Alpha brainwave pattern state.

Alpha (8-13 cycles per second)
The Learning State is the predominance of Alpha brainwave patterns. It appears when in wakefulness where there is a relaxed and effortless alertness, such as light relaxed focused attention and day dreaming. This is the REM dreaming stage in sleep. Your peripheral vision will operate when in this brain state. Choosing to go into peripheral vision will activate Alpha brainwave state and activate both left and right sides of the brain. Physiology will activate neurology, and vice versa.
It is best for learning and memorising subject material. Activities that induce this are listening and playing music, especially music with 40 to 60 beats per minute. Baroque, binaural beats, ambient music is especially good at triggering the Alpha state (and learning). Unfortunately watching TV also induces Alpha, so the adverts go in!
This state is the gateway to the body awareness and turning on all your body's neurology. If you are conscious of your body and its state, with it being relaxed, you are in the Alpha brainwave state (or deeper).
In Alpha both the left and right neocortex operate, i.e.: you are operating with your whole brain.

Theta (4-7 cycles per second)
This state is typically experienced in deep focused relaxation, meditation and sleep. Planet Earth resonates at a Theta frequency of 7.83 Hz. This is known as the Schumann Resonance frequency. Georgi Lozanov, the forefather of Accelerated Learning, found in his research that the advanced Indian Yogis operated in this state during their daily activities, as opposed to the general populace that operates in Beta.
This is the optimal state for the advanced review techniques. It is very useful to activate photographic memory development (higher Theta). Low Theta, that is indicated as yellow / amber, it is difficult to focus but of done is very beneficial for healing, de-stressing and having power naps. In Theta deeper parts of the brain, below the neocortex, are also activated.

Delta (1/2 - 4 cycles per second)
Delta brain waves occur during deep, dreamless sleep and are seen predominantly in newborns and infants. However with practice you will be able to remain conscious when you meditate deeply at this level. If you fall asleep when relaxing, meditating or doing the photographic memory review technique I teach here, then you have entered Delta. Contrary to popular myth, you cannot sleep learn. If any learning does occur it is because you are semi-awake and in the Theta or Alpha brainwave states.
When in Delta you will typically lose all contact with your senses. You will not be conscious of external noise, breathing or body sensations. If you are practised at holding these deeper states your minds internal dialogue will be subdued and hard to direct.

Brainwave and brain science summary:
Our brain and neurology operates under certain laws, and these can be measured by science. When we use techniques and habits that support what we want our brain and neurology will help deliver it. Learning is state dependent as is recall and processing the information to give good answers in assessments. The learning state method taught here is unique and it embodies principles from neuroscience and therapy fields so this can transform educational success. The learning state does more as its impacts the whole nervous system so the Alpha state can become the default habit. The learning state is more than relaxation it is designed to maximise your unconscious mind.
The rule book of being human is made relatively simple here in tutoring so students can not only study but make life good and enjoyable.

Learning State demonstration

With Wild Biting Parrots!

In the video below I demonstrate reducing stress in a real situation with powerful biting wild birds. I draw the parallels of feeling stress and anxiety for exams and study while I interact and describe the learning state. One of them is quite aggressive and does bite me. I discuss the Learning State as well as the brainwave patterns above. I explain how its helps me relate to wild animals.

On this day over a two hour period I was the only person out of 200 people in this area that these cockatoos felt comfortable to land on. This is a demonstration that animals can instinctively sense and be themselves with a human who is in the Learning State. This is because the learning state is relaxed and caring. Note the behaviour of the birds and when they flinch or raise their yellow crests (yellow traffic light state), and how quickly they return to the green traffic light state.

Learning State is optimal for any situation

to do you best in any situation

The learning state with practice can be activated in any situation. Normally the alpha brain wave pattern and activation of the neurology happens when one is in a relaxed state. However with Practice you can activate this while in activity. This is often termed as the flow state. As you practice and get used to the nuances, the small distinctions, of the learning state you can do it while biking, on the sports field and in situations that are quite challenging. Your neurology and unconscious mind (your inner you) learns through the using the learning state how to be in this better place of more resources. It's all about the practice.

Repetition is required for a habit to be set. This repetition requirement is a prime directive of the unconscious mind (your inner you). This coaching service is designed for students, parents and teachers to master these skills critical for learning and a great life. The animal videos then give the demonstrations of these principles in action.
Firstly, the videos show my abilities to use these skills to work with the animals. Secondly, the animals demonstrate clearly how we behave at the unconscious level. Animals are much more simple than humans, but their behaviour is just like ours. In some of the videos I show how my skills at the learning state and make the birds or animals be so comfortable that they don't activate their own survival instinct.
In the emergency response page I share how these skills can help you to function and to have control of your neurology when an emergency situation happens. This can be life saving!

Being Reliably Creative

Missed by 'pop' research & educational institutions

How can creativity be made reliable and fast? You may have already guessed given the contents of this page. For some reason this obviousness is missed and there are many books and very popular videos out there that completely fail to mention the most reliable method there is. Turning on all your brain and body neurology gives you access to the biggest and most powerful supercomputer created on this planet to date. It activates your inner Google to find and process a new and brilliant answer with your supercomputer in your own body.

Add in the prime directives of the unconscious mind (your inner you) and practice the art of creativity and you will become extraordinarily creative. The uniqueness of this website and how I show learning with animals is a product of this creativity. To use the animals to parallel and illustrate human behaviour live as it happens on camera requires the learning state to instantaneously talk and use what is occurring.

The success journal, and using it becomes a place where creativity is captured. Writing your creative thoughts down with your hand adds body memory and habit that creativity is important to your unconscious mind (the prime directive to serve). This below video was one of my first videos. It isn't perfect but I model giving it a go, so it will stay in the website! I was outside my comfort zone (comfort zone webpage coming soon) as I went through that process of learning to making videos.

I made this video and I stated in it; 'the answers were ready so I rushed outside to make the video in the wet weather'. This is another important principle of creativity, to action it. This reinforces the habit of being creative. There are many different techniques to being creative. These can be covered in tutoring. A creativity course may be released in the future. Once the habit of creativity is set up the problem can then be so many great ideas and not enough time.

Personally I have over 500 videos in my YouTube accounts that are unlisted. I can spontaneously make videos with supreme ease with little or no preparation, as I know my subject matter so well. The problem is the extra work and time requirements to make a video public. I can run 16 hour workshops that are life changing for participants with no little planning because I have spent many years training as a trainer / facilitator. They key to these abilities is I have practiced the habit of creativity (and training).

The learning state and the techniques taught in the life skills and study skills modules was what developed my creative abilities. To be creative is extreme fun. To develop and use creativity in study means great answers and an enjoyable time! The skill sets taught here can make boring subjects interesting.

Here is a fantastic and popular video by Adam Grant on being original and creative as of March 2019 it has 4.3 million views. If you watched my video above I mentioned it when it only had 2.4 million views in November 2017.  Adam discussed the positive impact of procrastination is the is in relation to being creative. This takes up over half of this 15 minute video. He gives examples of creative geniuses and how they had their breakthroughs. When people procrastinate they are effectively giving themselves time to have Alpha and Theta time. This can be done at will by entering the learning state.

Tap to view

Adam also discusses self doubt as a block to creativity and being an original thinker. I would say is also very relevant, so there will be a page here soon on the Comfort Zone. I certainly faced my Comfort Zone to have the authenticity to bring the animal videos into this website. To be authentic and true to ourselves is important that also brings out the best in our learning and achievements (page and videos coming soon on that also). It takes courage to do unique things.

I was the first person at Lincoln University in Canterbury New Zealand to write mind maps in lectures. Two finance department lectures did ridicule me in front of the entire lecture room. Once one lecturer picked my mindmap up and said "what the hell is that" as he waved it in front of all the students. I sat in row two or up the back after that. If any student of mine is ridiculed by a teacher for using these techniques that bring out their best I will personally contact them and the principal, that is my promise to you. I will seek the parents permission first. Bullying and ridicule will not be tolerated.

Learning State's other uses

The Learning State gives you abilities to do things in life with greater attention. Here in this video I demonstrate with 100% wild King Parrots how my learning state gives me the capacity to hold them and they don't go into instinctual fight-flight response. I was attempting to do a video of balance and dealing with conflict, and the parrots obliged. The birds were very active to the point it went into chaos with birds landing on the video tripod and camera and my equipment isn't strong enough to support them.

In these videos they never get scared, as you will see. In this video one does let out a squawk, and I say "did you hear that it was distress call". Its the only video I have ever done where a warning /distress call has been made. But it was only a minor call, and it was more grumpy at the other bird try to eat the seed while I had held it in my hand. Generally you will see they sense it is OK and the natural survival instinct isn't triggered. That is pretty amazing! Wild animals are pretty quick to react if they sense danger.

Same goes for the loud squawk of the Sulphur Crested Cockatoos, watch in the above video how they see me reach into my pocket and their crest goes up and on two occasions they did run away temporarily. Watch in the video when the cockatoos raise their yellow crests, their yellow traffic light signal! But unlike us humans they instantly settle back into the green traffic light and the crest will drop, or they will go red and fly away squawking their distress call (if it is danger).

So lets have some fun, watch this. Later I'll do a video for you on how to animal whisper. But lets be clear it can be very dangerous to play with wild animals, if not fatal. Practice on pigeons, they are found in every city in the world, so practice your Learning State with them and build that trust. Never do this with predators or dangerous animals like snakes. I'll put a Koala whispering pages with videos in here soon, even these animals have huge razor sharp claws, I personally would not try and pick one up. I have seen them fight each other and its is brutal. Some wild Koalas do enjoy an ear rub.

This is why I have put these animal videos in this website. Their behaviour reflects how we operate at the unconscious level, and our unconscious mind is the key to doing well in study and life generally. So the animals make the learning a lot more fun. What I also love is how the animals or birds just drop their red or yellow traffic lights and settle back into the green. You will see these state transitions by the birds in all the videos.

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According to apocryphal legend Einstein, to make sure he didn’t overdo it he’d recline in his armchair with a spoon in his hand and a metal plate directly beneath. He’d allow himself to drift off for a second, then bam! The spoon would fall from his hand and the sound of it hitting the plate would wake him up.No spoon is required when you know the learning state. Just deepen it and enter the Alpha or Theta state.
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