Growing Motivation

The Structure of Success

Motivation and application is the key to anything in life. It’s particularly important for doing well in any form of study or academic pursuit. The action-success process can be distilled into four key ingredients. I discuss these 4 ingredients and motivation in the below video.

Understanding Motivation

Motivation has many definitions and contributing factors. It is at the core of why we do or don't do something. Understanding motivation and its drivers help us to succeed. Lacking motivation is the recipe for failure or ordinary outcomes when a person does not use their inherent talents. The Wikipedia definition shown here is a good one we shall use.

Success or failure can be simplified in the #4 ingredient overview. Ingredient #1 is What do you want and what will you do about it? Part one is the what do you want? With students this is more complex than with adults. Students typically have to follow their parent's guidance. This can help or hinder depending on the dynamics. Part two: The doing about it is the application of time, methods, skills and resources. The doing is the application and the critical aspect that creates the result. No application generates a failure.

Ingredient #2 is structure. Structure has dominion over its content. Structure determines what content or results are created. This covers every aspect from how we operate as a human to why whole brain study techniques are many times more effective than traditional read-write rote learning. The majority of what makes us who we are is the unconscious mind. Thus the structure of how the unconscious mind works is critical for academic and life success. Following this makes for easeful and long-term progress and happier life. When one understands their structure and uses the right approach motivation is increased as the outcomes are easier.

Ingredient #3 is the evidence. What is the outcome? An outcome is a measurable way to gauge motivation and success levels of that output. This gives us the ability to monitor motivation. The #4 ingredient is our volitional attention. This is where we focus our conscious attention. This has a direct bearing on learning and using that information to create learning outcomes and habits.

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Motivation Source

Intrinsic versus Extrinsic

Ideally, motivation is best if it is intrinsic. Intrinsic means it is internally sourced from within the person. It is I want or need to do this. Internal motivation is the best as it urges a person to be successful in their pursuit. Intrinsic motivation can help a person deal with a boring subject that they see as irrelevant. The focus is the goal and driving force as they see the benefits of being driven. If a person is starting to perform better their intrinsic motivation tends to grow. When we fail repeatedly our intrinsic motivation may drop.

Having a genuine interest in the subject matter can be a huge boost to motivation. Our unconscious mind will apply more learning and memory resources to a subject we love. Finding what interests you in terms of subjects and skill sets is really important. Finding and using one's natural gifts can also trigger more motivation as it is easier to learn and master that area of endeavour. The seventh Law of Success as part of this service is uniqueness. Finding that uniqueness and using it can catapult a person into a life they enjoy and excel. Using our inherent gifts to the world will improve a person's life and make them much happier.
I demonstrate that here by demonstrating animal whispering as I love and care for this planet. The #2 structures, and specifically the itemized structures in the 9 pillar framework apply to all areas of human activity. The animal whispering skill set applies to study, work, relationship building and understanding lifes dynamics. Hence the LearnWhispering 101 course is the perfect complement as a demonstration and learning tool if a student is really struggling with their studies and needs their intrinsic motivation boosting.

Extrinsic motivation is from external sources. For the student these external sources are primarily parents then family, social circle, societies norms and teachers. This externally generated motivation can be positive or at the other extreme very destructive. Extrinsic motivation by parents can play a massive role in a student's attitude and life direction. The carrot-stick type motivational strategies can be effective depending on how they are applied. Hopefully, any extrinsic motivation helps generate intrinsic motivation.

The goal here with this service is to generate intrinsic motivation. Every aspect of this service is geared to maximize learning, application then the joy of doing better. Doing better, in any way, is a sign that their life can improve with more of life's good aspects. Tools and skills are taught to help a person approach any situation and learn from it. They are encouraged to try them out and to let the #3 evidence of the outcomes be the test if they are worth continuing. Tutoring feedback helps us to examine what worked and what didn't.

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