9 Pillar Framework

The human operation manual for life success

This solid framework is being confirmed by the recent neuroscience research that covers areas such as brain plasticity, brain cell development, trauma reversal and limbic system patterning. Some of this newer research is allowing more techniques to be developed within this framework. It is truly exciting.

All of these fields of science and psychology merge into a simple 9 pillar framework presented here and LearnWhispering.com. This complex interwoven framework can be stated so a 10 year old can understand it: Talk to your unconscious like it is a 5 year old best friend. Notice how you feel and be aware of your lower body, notice your breathing. Under these simple steps is a depth of science in regards to how our neurology and psychology work in unison.

The video gives a brief overview. Best of all this framework develops people who are happy and competent people. These resourceful people can tackle life, be happy and succeed.

The techniques and approach used here are based in scientific research starting with 'the father of accelerated learning' Georgi Lozanov's ground breaking work Suggestology and Outlines of Suggestopedy (1978) through to theory and techniques used cognitive behavioural therapies like Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).

This is then married with the developmental processes based in developmental psychology. Carl Jung's pinnacle 'of human development' the Individuation process is the possible outcome. This is the Jungian term for wholeness. All this from using these simple techniques that can be simply stated. This framework can be dissected scientifically with research confirming it.

The 9 Pillars

A brief summary

Pillar No1: The Learning State
The Learning State is the neurological and psychological state of maximum relaxed performance for learning and activity.

Pillar No 2: Includes all of you
If you include all of you the internal war ends, and you can move forward and improve. Ending the internal war with your ego, emotions & mind.

Pillar No 3: Rules of Evidence
Rules of Evidence bring certainty to the Learning State and neurological activation in each instance. This is where your demonstrated actions, sense based observations, feelings, emotions and internally observed processes are noted. This applies in any situation, process, or moment in life.
These consciously noted aspects give you the evidence to yourself that you are following the steps to the Learning State. This helps you to be clear, defined and certain for yourself that you are within the structure of this framework, as you will be conscious of the evidence. This is why this framework is applicable to all areas of life. It helps the feedback cycle for improvement and Learning State habit formation.

Pillar No 4 Law Zero: Self Honesty & Self Responsibility
Being self honest and responsible is something people try to avoid, and this is natural. Law Zero is the function of self-honesty and self-responsibility. Law Zero has to be in operation within the individual's psychology for them to be a good mature functional human. Dysfunction runs rife in an individual who will not own (honesty) their situation and take responsibility for it. Law zero is so important it has its own page and two videos.

Pillar No 5: Your Unconscious Mind
Your faithful servant and holder of all your thoughts, emotions, memories and more. Working with the unconscious mind is literally like being a caring parent of your most loved 5 year old son or daughter. The unconscious mind page is here.

Pillar No 6: Support, Community & Environment
This is also discussed here in the Laws of Success 7: Community: A community of Yay-sayers and support helps you excel faster. It's the antidote to the Nay-sayers. This coaching service is pillar 6 and Laws of Success 9: Role-models & Leadership also applies. Who inspires you, how do they do it? Watch them and try to emulate their habits and philosophy.

Pillar No 7: Structure overrides content
As your capacity to hold the Learning State grows you'll learn that when tough life events or life-threatening incidents happen entering this state becomes your safety response. I explain how I trusted the Learning State entry when I was hit by a car on my bike and taken 20m (60ft) on the emergency response page. The structure of your consciousness and how it operates is fixed, and eventually this structure is trusted when life hell happens.

Pillar No8 Blind spots: The ultimate test that most avoid!
These are simply habits and belief systems that a person will not acknowledge to themselves. These are deeply unconscious. However, in the context of academic pursuits these can be learning issues that may need addressing in regular coaching or with the use of specific therapeutic processes.

Pillar No9 Common Sense: The approach, theory or technique applies to many areas of life.
The Learning State also applies to high performance activities, being creative, relating to nature and to spiritual practices. It’s great for being productive at a job and figuring out complex tasks. Best of all it's how you enjoy your holidays the most, as being relaxed and enjoying life is what this neurological state is.

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