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Lets have a 15 minute chat, watch the video so you feel ok about it. Yes it’s “obligation free“. Fill in the form and let’s answer your questions. Please put all the information in and I’ll call you.
Or you are fully welcome to pick up the phone and have your questions answered on +61435522535

Or copy the below template into your email app and send me the information and I’ll be back in touch as soon as possible. The automated email reply will let you know I received your email, if not then please do call or text to the same number.
I do not use Messenger or WattsApp.

Book a free phone chat

This service is offered globally. I will answer immediately or as soon as I can. We can book a time if you want a call back at a time that suits you. I will leave a message if you do not answer your phone.
My preference is that you call me direct, please leave a clear message if I don't answer, speaking numbers slowly so I can hear them correctly is important.

Time zones:
For session commencement times the below may be available. These time below are stated in your time zone:

Australia (Eastern) any time with the last session starting 7pm.
New Zealand any time with the last session starting 9pm.
PST/PDT that is California (etc) sessions starting at 2pm onwards.
EST/EDT which is New York (etc) sessions starting at 5pm onwards.
Other countries, please contact to see where you can fit.

You set a time where you live regardless of daylight saving or not, and I adjust so the scheduled times stay the same for you. My time zone is ADT / AEDT (GMT +10 or +11 for daylight saving).

If you call please leave a message if I don’t answer. Returning your returning call is a priority.

Or send a text message +61435522535
My phone is always on flight mode when sleeping, so just call to leave a message. I will be in touch to discuss.

Phone: +61 435 522 535
In Oz call: 043 5522 535

Email me

Please send me an email direct via your normal email app / program.
You will receive an automated reply to indicate it was received, if you do not see this then please call or txt me.
I will call or respond as soon as I can.
You will need to manually type the below email address:

Booking information to be emailed

Please email me the necessary information below to confirm a booking. This can be done before or after we have our assessment call, before is preferable to assist the assessment call with you, after is also fine.

Please email me the necessary information below to place a return call request.
Cut and paste the below into your email and add the relevant information so I can contact all parties at suitable times.

Your information:
1. Your Name:
2. Your Phone IMPORTANT: Include country and area code and Skype ID if you have one:
3. Your time zone or major city so I can calculate time difference:
4. Possible times that suit, in your time:
5. What tutoring / coaching package do you want to know more about; 8 week, the semester /16 week or pay as you go?
Please provide basic information about the student or person:
6. Name (preferred and full name):
7. Their Age:
8. Study information include place, subjects & level, and time zone if different to yours as the parent / guardian:
9. Your questions, issues or areas of focus you want as the parent:
10. Your Student’s Skype ID if they have one already. For video we will need one before the session or it will be phone only. This can be done by them before the session, installed on both on their computer and their mobile phone/tablet.

Book a session now. Free Parent & Student Action plan analysis

Individual online tutoring is limited to 16 students total worldwide.
Book here. First calls / video session to assess outcomes is free. Wait list may apply.

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