Child Learning

Keeping the learning Spark alive: 6-12 years old

In the below video I explain a way you could keep the spark for life and learning ALIVE in young children. As the parent you need to know how to do this yourselves. As the primary role-models you set the child's life long behaviour patterns. To guide a child to keep their natural Learning State alive is the greatest gift after Love that a parent can give. Tap the picture to watch the video.

That Spark for life

Does your child still have that exuberance for life?

Child learning has a special quality, it's super fast and effortless. You can see that spark in their eyes, and hear the endless questions being asked. Have you noticed how some children have lost it, even at an early age? This is how you nurture the child's learning ability that so it stays into their teens!

If you are interested in exploring this the tutoring packages can be used for this purpose. We can have a mix of parent only and then you with the child sessions to teach these core life skills. If you want to know more about how this methodology is structured please see the Learning State, State Awareness and 9 pillar framework pages.

Basically, you help your child to keep that magical childlike learning spark alive! Technically, it is a conscious activation of what is currently unconsciously happening due to their development phase with their age. You help normalise the Learning State as both a conscious and unconscious default habit (Laws of Success No10, Mastery).

Foundational life skill development at this stage in life will be transformational. The additional benefits of this is the child then grows up being more aware thus empowered not to be a slave to emotional fluctuations, social norm-ing, bullying, social media trends and so on.

The benefits of a student that learns well is boosted self esteem, social adjustment and the capacity to be at choice with their behaviour as they have learned how to internal reference correctly with these life skill techniques.

Children that are at this age are often still open and have hyper learning abilities due to the developmental stages of the brain and psychology. It's about helping parents to nurture that innocent sense and learning ability within the child.

In this critical phase of human development if that inner-Spark can be kept alive then the student will develop a healthy attitude towards school work and all other settings in life.

The focus here is to teach the young student about techniques that use the whole brain and master that most critical skill of all the Learning State.

Techniques used can involve doing recall and memory exercises with the Learning State. Parents are encouraged to guide their child through this, as they do it themselves. Thus it gives some quality interaction time and enforces the value of learning, time together and deeply anchors correct brain use for learning and memory. This is a fantastic way to show an interest in your child's learning and demonstrates how important education is.

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Children and Animals

Children love nature: Activating the Learning State

Children love nature. It feeds their curiosity. It's always delightful to share the love of our planet with children. Its remarkable how they are willing to trust these powerful parrots. The smile on parents faces is always fun to watch. Millie's dad was fun, his encouragement was lovely even though he said a good bite is OK.

It's important to learn these skills of managing fear and dealing with situations in a way that is safe. Mastering our emotions and actions is the key to a great person who functions in life.

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