Motivation & Study Skills course

Australia & New Zealand Live 7 week online Study Skills course

Tap to watch the study skills course introduction video.

  • Live 7 week online Study Skills & Motivation course

    Seven classes on core study & motivation techniques.Australia Monday 5pm-6pm.New Zealand Monday 7pm-8pm.Starting the week with new skills to learn and try!Make contact for dates or contact your school

  • Learn the core study skills: From the Learning State to exam room strategy

    The 2 core life skills of State Awareness and the Learning state.How to set up study at home.How to note take and use mindmaps.Time management and planning.Motivation Keys: The 10 Laws of Success & Law Zero (self-honesty & self-responsibility).Deep Learning: How to develop photographic memory for you subjects.The success attitude: How to learn and live it.Exam Strategy: How to prepare before and maximise marks in the exam.

  • A closed private Facebook group for interaction and sharing

    All course videos will be presented here.Participants can share experiences of using and learning these techniques.Questions can be given for the Question & Answer time.

  • Q&A Sessions

    A live Question & Answer will happen after the session for up to 30 minutes.Questions can be posted in the Facebook group prior and I will answers them.This will be recorded and posted in the Facebook group.

  • Repeat viewing and ongoing access

    The course will remain available for viewing and review.You will be able to listen and practice the state awareness and learning state entry exercises.

  • Price & enrolment

    Price is $195*.This online course will be given free to tutoring / coaching and Mastery Club participants.

Course Scope & Student Suitability

This course is designed to give a clear introduction to the core skill sets that can transform a student of average ability**. Students will need to use these techniques to see the benefits. If these skills are used within the time frame of the course then they have the opportunity to ask for feedback in the Facebook group or via email. These will be answered in the question and answer sessions.

** Average ability meaning: In this context the study skills course will help those who are willing to give this a go. The Laws of Success never fail, so if it tried enough it will make a difference, and the student will find out how they work and change the techniques accordingly.


Please watch the framework video to understand how this course has been designed. If the student has some of these foundational aspects that I discuss in that video then this course will benefit them. Those aspects are the capacity to be state aware, and the have some ownership around Law Zero (ie: can be self reflective and self-responsible).

It is then a matter of how much they apply the 10 Laws of Success which is explained fully in this website. There are 11 awesome biting cockatoo videos to keep the student interested as I discuss these success laws. These videos demonstrate the power of the learning state for focus and working with these unruly and powerful animals.
For students who need more nurturing or personal attention please consider the other services here. In the framework video I explain this process. Everyone can succeed, its a matter of building that core foundation of state awareness and Law Zero. Neuroscience confirms that we are fully adaptable, its a matter of rewriting the unconscious mind and its neurology (assuming Law Zero is in action).


This online course is a self-study course. The Facebook group offers a group forum and presentation platform for the classes. The course Facebook group is not a coaching forum where (I) Jason will engage in every comment and question. That is the purpose of the Q&A sessions. The group will be monitored and questions posed so the course content and Q&As can be refined for the participants. For parents it is important you fill out question 9 correctly on the enrolment email. That will give me a sense of what issues you all want addressing where I can. Student feedback will take precedence, so they engage more.


For more personal assistance tutoring / academic life coaching is recommended. The Mastery Club is also an option for extended support and additional skills / technique access.


More extensive techniques and a wide variety of learning state videos and exercises are available in the life skills online course. This life skills video course repository is given free to tutoring package and mastery club members.


While this motivation and study skills course is focused on student improvement it embodies the same core building blocks that make a great person. See Laws of Success 9: Role-models and Leadership.

The skills and techniques taught in this course are profoundly transformational if used. They are a bit like your right hand. If you don’t use it life won’t be easy. To understand how these simple skills are foundational to a happy and successful life please watch the framework video.

Enrolment information

To enrol simply copy and paste the email information below into your preferred email app. Then pay per the below instructions. The participant will be admitted into the study skills course group once payment is processed.
If you have any questions either call me or put that question into the enrolment email.

This course needs to be paid upfront, and the service agreement and TnCs are deemed as agreed to before payment.

The supportive group culture within the closed and private Facebook group is extremely important. It is important the participant watches this video. Nay-saying will not be allowed (per the TnCs and service agreement).

Also please review Laws of Success 3: Ignore the Nay-sayers and Law 7 Community, the Yay-sayers. Learning to share positive encouragement is a great skill to learn and use.

This online course will embody the 10 Laws of Success, and Law Zero of self-honesty and self-responsibility. That means the more they try and use this material the bigger the benefits and outcomes will be.


Australians and New Zealanders

I will send you my bank details by mobile text message only. I do this for security reasons, I will not email bank account details. I’ll text the bank account number once you call or send the below enrolment information.

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Other countries

If you want to join in, as it is always available with the videos in the closed and private Facebook group, please fill in the enrolment form and I’ll and use this Paypal link in USD. I can provide a direct USD bank account for the usual internet banking transfer.

How to Email me

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9. Your questions, issues or areas of focus you want as the parent. Firstly, so you son or daughter also sees it. Secondly,
This can help me focus on aspects of the course if parents let me know here. Thirdly if they follow through it would be good to hare of changes as feedback:
11. Your Student’s GENUINE Facebook ID (preferably the fb URL). Please have them send a join request so I can accept it once payment is processed. If they are not on Facebook they will need to create one, and that it be genuine, with their photo.
If a genuine Facebook ID is too much of an issue a private YoutTube video list can be sent at an additional $200 for their use (that will require a YouTube login email).
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When you email this to me Cc to your participating son / daughter in the email with this information, that way they will see what you would like the focus to be. This helps accountability.

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Time zones:
For session commencement times the below may be available. These time below are stated in your time zone:

Australia (Eastern) any time with the last session starting 7pm.
New Zealand any time with the last session starting 9pm.
PST/PDT that is California (etc) sessions starting at 2pm onwards.
EST/EDT which is New York (etc) sessions starting at 5pm onwards.
Other countries, please contact to see where you can fit.

You set a time where you live regardless of daylight saving or not, and I adjust so the scheduled times stay the same for you. My time zone is ADT / AEDT (GMT +10 or +11 for daylight saving).

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