Success Mastery Club

Student or Adult Private online peer support communities

The Student Success Mastery Club is designed to support study and motivation, leading to a more successful and rewarding life. A variety of voluntary activities are offered for students to contribute, share, seek support and venture into new ways of improving learning ability, resulting in greater happiness and fulfillment. There is a separate Mastery Club overview for adults and parents.
There is a Mastery club overview with an iconic leader as the backdrop for the parents and School Principals. The other is for the animal lovers and students where I manage a large mob of unruly biting cockatoos with the learning state.

Designed to maximize Success

The Mastery Club embodies the full practical and theoretical framework of Student Success Tutor for learning and embodiment of success, but most of all a life where Happiness can become the default state. The framework of this approach is discussed in the practical success framework page (currently under construction).

The Mastery Club combines the prime directives that are the operational rules of the unconscious mind neuroscience, learning psychology and training excellence to bring a community club setting for students. Club members can then learn, explore and master the life skills, study skills and the 10 Laws of Success within a supportive “Yay Saying” guided community of the Mastery Club.

Club members have access to both the online Study Skills video course content and the Life Skills video course. There is also a separate Parent & Adult Mastery Club to suit the different needs of parents who want to improve both their own lives and that of their family. Nothing is more powerful than modelling which is why Law of Success 9 is called role-models and leadership. For children under 10 this is the best method of helping them grow into fine human beings as mentioned in the keeping the Spark alive page.

It helps students (or parents and adults in the separate club) to grow and develop the foundational prerequisite core of Law Zero: Self-honesty and self-responsibility. These two gems are as important as breathing if one is to live a life of happiness and success. These are the basis of psychological wholeness. As described by Carl Gustov Jung, they lead to the pinnacle of human development which he termed Individuation. In this website Jung’s Individuation of the Self is Laws of Success 10: Mastery where the learning state returns as the default unconscious habit (as defined by the prime directives of the unconscious mind).

If something is a challenge or you need help, then this club is designed to find a solution for you. It’s a win-win situation. This is your chance to shine because you are moving to a better, more empowered life.

Motivation can be improved by a number of offerings in the Mastery Club such as the personal coaching sessions with Jason, peer support, club monthly intentions, club projects and comments in the closed Facebook group. The weekly online video session will answer your questions and help maintain focus.

I love Brian Tracey’s quote “you cannot fly with the Eagles if you are scratching with the turkeys“, this metaphor embodies the principles of Laws of Success No 7 Community and No 9 Role-models and Leadership.
The Mastery Club invites its members in a supportive way to fly and try life as the Eagle. The club offers peer support so questions and issues can be aired and resolved. There are multiple avenues for support and sharing.

Participants will be encouraged to give back and share in the community club in some way. This is Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Law of Success 5: Give Back. This is also the application of Law 9: Role-models and Leadership. This enhances learning and development of leadership abilities, Laws of Success 9, from sharing their experiences or offering words of support.

This helps the development of Law Zero: Self-honesty and self-responsibility, so they take ownership of their learning so they then starts to share in a caring community (law 7) where it will be nourished. The individual then enhances their strengths, diminishes their weaknesses and stands strong as a mature person in their own Uniqueness (Laws of Success 8). Hopefully, to the reader this shows the integrated nature of the Student Success Tutor framework to build the whole person while addressing learning and grade improvement.

Mastery Club Summary: What’s in it

The Mastery Club has a variety of activities to assist motivation and learning. Participants can try the different ways to interact and contribute.

Student club members have free ongoing access to both the Life Skills & whole brain Study Skills online video course. The Life Skills course covers the two most important skills of state awareness and the learning state to build that base for learning and life success. Participants then have access to step by step skills and tools for a wide variety of study and life situations.


Participants can engage in as many as they like. All activities are voluntary and are not monitored. The supportive culture (Laws of Success 7 to see the video) of this group will help encourage interaction. The group will be re-focused on core laws and topics for people to contribute and share new learning.
As discussed in the Law Zero this is to naturally help develop the prerequisite base of a competent human by growing their self-honesty and self-responsibility. You can watch a video on that page where I clearly explain how these fundamental human requirements are developed, and can always be developed more as one’s perceptive capacities grow as the brain and neurology comes back to full function.


Summary of Main activities:
In brief here are the core club activities. Tap the link to jump down and read more and see the specific video on this topic.
Peer support community: A private closed Facebook group will provide a forum for community interaction.
Weekly club online meeting: Live video meeting to discuss skills, Q&A’s, issues and more. The video recording will be available to participants who can’t attend, and for later reference.
Bi-monthly 30 minute coaching sessions with Jason
Peer buddy system: Peer support, community & accountability
Student’s monthly intentions: accountability & motivation
Group projects: Research, apply and share the results

Parents & Adult Mastery Club: The adult and parent version covers different topics. Your needs and process is different.

Group culture agreement: Code of conduct. A Safe and caring environment maximises learning and growth. This is how we will behave.

Other important aspects:
Club versus Tutoring: The differences. Tutoring packages or one-on-one coaching packages can added on.
Jason’s role in the Mastery Club.
How to enrol in the Mastery Club.
Club pricing & commitment: Why it is a 12 month subscription. Yes, to reset the unconscious patterns, behaviours and activate the neurology fully it takes time with everything here in this website.
Terms of membership: Behavioural and procedural aspects to make the club run supportively.
Time zones & options: How we will manage a community with a round planet.

Why a Mastery Club? A personal note from Jason

I know what it’s like to be a pioneer in a new field and to be constantly cut down. In the About Jason page I explain how I was ridiculed in front of hundreds of students in lectures as I was the first person ever to use mind maps at my university. Unfortunately this sort of tall poppy knocking has been very regular for me as I push the envelope of potential and human knowledge. Having support by others of like mind and aptitude really helps a person blossom. They have the chance to find out faster what they don’t want. This group is for students or parents/adults that want more. It is also suited to students to experience a supportive group, to build confidence and try these transformational skills. You are not alone, and it is worth the effort.

Doing something new and different is always a challenge and a learning curve. There will always be Nay-Sayers who question. All the great geniuses faced this resistance. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Law of Success No 3 is ‘Ignore the Nay-sayers‘. He has made that a specific law for good reason. Here is the antidote, a community club of ‘Yay Sayers‘, my Law of Success 7.

My greatest wish is this Mastery Club offers that place where new ideas and great lives are born. Anybody can do better, and this Mastery Club is here to support you.

This Mastery Club will have input by everyone and we can try different things to see what suits the members.

Online peer support community: Learning & improvement with company

A closed private Facebook group will be used as an easy access forum for us to share and communicate. The success Mastery Club is about having fellow students (or parents and adults in their separate group) who are going through the same learning processes.
This means any issues can be settled faster as concerns or confusion is clarified. A Facebook group acts as a central hub that is easily accessible by all to the resources of this club.

Fellow members will also be applying these skills and methods in the same setting as you. It’s a great way to build the unconscious habits that form the basis of effective learning and a better life. Checking-in with the group helps affirm to your unconscious mind that this is the goal (prime directive).

It can be used to help shift procrastination or to get out of your comfort zone and try something that is shared here in this website, courses or this Mastery Club.

It is very easy to feel isolated and different when using these powerful life enhancing processes. The vast majority of humans prefer to be lazy and unconscious. The result is they will do a lot of nay-saying, even if not spoken out loud. Norming (the act of unconsciously behaving like every one else) or rapport is natural, just in the same way when we walk into a room of laughing people we will naturally smile.
So Law of Success No 3, ignoring the nay-sayers, is important as this was Arnold Schwarzenegger’s conscious way to combat it. If not done consciously it will influence the mind unconsciously. The other approach is to be proactive, like this peer community of Yay-sayers, the Law of Success 7.

The closed group encourages sharing of ideas, feedback, insights gained and trying these processes. The extra perspectives of every person can help us improve and learn faster. It’s a welcoming forum to share what was explored or how implementing some of the skills or Laws of Success went. It gives a valuable forum to try these things knowing you are not alone.

Being extraordinary and doing things a better way often makes people stand out from everybody else. Take Elon Musk for example, a world class genius who stands out because he is so different. People want to make millions of dollars (through short selling his company stocks) by actively dragging him and his planet benefiting technologies down.

The aim with this club is to support everyone with a community of people trying these things for the common purpose of succeeding in life. Firstly for students, it is to do better in your education, but these core processes improve all their life. Thus improvements will also be experienced in relationships, hobbies, career direction and eventually financial success. Perhaps your personal vision is to learn how to live in happiness which is the natural and original unconscious state when you were born (the learning state).

Weekly club online meeting:

There will be a weekly online group broadcast for up to 50 minutes. If this is missed a recording will be available to club members in the Facebook group. This may cover any of the below:

Question and answer time to help clarify study skills and all the life skills. This may be the predominant aspect of the online group session.

Depending on the seasons and academic cycles of the student we will review certain skill sets and instigate proactive planning so balance, Law of Success No 6, helps maximise easefulness and goal achievement.

We will discuss and explore the 10 Laws of Success and examine aspects for the participants to success journal for the week, and share with the group.

We will also examine Law Zero of self-honesty and self-responsibility, as this is foundational and it is a core aspect that develops with focus and nurturing. We can all improve on these two core aspects.

Club members will be encouraged to share challenges, questions or topics they want to explore.

As this group is a 12-month commitment there will be at least 48 weekly online sessions / videos by myself.

Participants of the clubs are recommended to subscribe to the Student Success Tutor YouTube channel. If you change your notification to always notify you will be sent an email from YouTube to let you know a new video has been posted.
Comments about these videos can be put on the video and also put in your club.

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Bi-monthly 30 minute personal coaching sessions with Jason

Each Mastery Club member will be scheduled a 30 minute personal coaching session every two months. This is to assist with goal setting, questions, approaches and it helps with accountability and motivation.

In this video I explain that the main purpose of this personal time with a role model / mentor (Success Law 9) is to assist you with the big picture and direction (Success Law 1). It is a chance for you to focus on what you personally want and what are your challenges to get there.

Also as you watch the video see if you can note the Cockatoos going into the Yellow Traffic light. One flys away, and the other returns to green because of a dog being walked past on the other side of the camera.
Observational capacities grow as you neurology turns on, it helps you to respond better in situations.

You will also be asked what you would like to see in the club so we can improve it.

Have your questions ready before the session. This special time is to get you focused and directed with feedback within the time limits. This is a golden opportunity for asking questions in relation to your personal situation.

Complex questions or topics that require extensive work will require personal coaching sessions. I’ll do my best in the time allocated and will tell you if I think it requires more work or what areas you can research. Priority will be given to club members for extra focused personal assistance.

Scheduling of the 30 minute sessions:

This will be set up during enrolment via my email, and calendar invite to both parents and the student. This is so the parents know and can assist the time to be available. Please note these in you calendars. A reminder email or text will be sent 2 weeks in advance, so you can update your own reminders.

These sessions will be set at a time for the twelve months so they are regular and can be planned by myself, the student and family.

Set times are available and will be allocated on the first come first serve basis.

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Peer buddy system: Peer support, community & accountability

A peer ‘check-in’ system is available for those that want it. This is where you are randomly assigned another two members of the Mastery Club to have check-ins with at least once a week. This is to explore different things and get to know someone else in the group. This Mastery club is about peer support and developing community. Hearing and understanding the issues of another person who is doing the same thing can be very helpful.

I explain in the video that the peer check-in system it’s a chance to share your progress, or what is holding you back. Verbalising to another can be very helpful. It is also a gentle external accountability check. This can be very useful to help motivation and application.

A further benefit of this buddy system it it teaches the skills of getting to know new people and growing teamwork skills. These are important to succeed in any career or self-employment situation.

This will help generate questions and feedback for you for your success journal or they can be brought to the group.

The feedback or questions can be used as a group fb post or given as questions for us to cover in the weekly online session that I (Jason) run. If we are in 1on1 tutoring you and I can then delve deeper into any questions with me.

It will be encouraged that this be done on Skype, but you are welcome to use what ever forum but preferable with video or phone call. This is to enhance the learning and perhaps get you out of your comfort zone (page coming soon). If you do feel uncomfortable with meeting new people then that is an excellent area to focus on with your state awareness and success journal, we would love for you to share your learning process with this.
Using text platforms is very one dimensional and it retards learning and life skill development. Seeing the other people’s face is by far better but is optional. This assists trust and group rapport.

Some topics that are more private in nature can be discussed in the buddy calls, then that may help you to share it in the group if you want.

As part of the enrolment process we will discuss this to help you get clarity on it. then you can decide if you want to be part of this buddy system or not. You are welcome to opt in or opt out of this at any time, we will have a Google doc for the group so you can add or remove yourself for the following calendar month.

You will be randomly assigned two buddies for the calendar month, hopefully so you meet new people. You are welcome to stay in contact by any means with prior buddies if you want. With two buddies is a greater chance that some interaction can happen a couple of times a week.

As a group we will do feedback polls every now and again as to how to improve modify the buddy system. Over the lifespan of the club this means we can change the culture so it improves.

How it works:
You will be assigned two others for the start of the month. This will be posted in the group when done. You can connect by Skype (as you will need that to communicate with me for 1on1 sessions) initially. The Skype IDs be provided in the list. Please arrange or just make a call and introduce yourself. And use that as an opportunity to make a success journal entry.

You will be encouraged to have a 15 to 30 minute interaction (call /Skype) directly after a group call finishes on the first and third week of the month. Please add this extra time into your planner (if you use one).
The first call of the month can be you guys meeting your new buddy and sharing intentions or questions you have for each other.

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Student’s monthly intentions: Accountability & motivation

Each month there will be a post for all club members to state what they want to achieve in this month. Its a chance to work on the 10 Laws of Success and see what can be achieved and learned. Its a chance to explore stretching yourself and ‘missing the mark’. There is no wrong and there is no fail, as it is about learning and finding the feedback from every attempt.

In this video you will hear me explain how well I do when it comes to setting big goals. This is Laws of Success 2, I Think Big and I do what I can. This has Law 6 Balance implications. Its easy to set big goals in a success journal but as it is private there is no accountability. If I share these with friends and they say ‘I’ll call you on that‘, I do get more done.

This Mastery Club will certainly assist me as well. This is why I am setting this whole Mastery Club up, as it was what I wanted all along! Running this group is Law 9 Role-modelling & Leadership for me. I live what I share here and I am always keen to make improvement.

This is a positive method for motivation as it adds accountability to your peers. As with everything in this group Mastery Club it is optional. This Monthly intention exercise is designed to assist you in monitoring your progress and understanding your motivation. It will give valuable feedback on setting goals and what you are capable of doing. If you set goals too high, then that is also good feedback. This will help you learn what is realistic. Realistic workload goals assist action, huge goals may overwhelm.


The group accountability exercise gives you a chance to hone your application of the core life skills. Another benefit to this is it gives you feedback on the 10 Laws of Success, especially Law 6 Balance., Law 2: Thinking Big and of course Law 4: Work Your Ass Off.

If at the end of the month you have not met your goal the feedback may be why, and was it too much or was it too little? If you are also in the buddy system chat this through so you both learn more insights.

Per the success journal page even if you failed in your intentions the feedback is to take learning as to why this did not occur. There is no such thing as fail except for not examining the feedback so you learn. Unearthing your unconscious habits that slow you down is the way to move to a better life. Then when it is time to relax, you really can do so deeply as well as enjoy the benefits of your achievements!

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Group projects: Research, apply and share the results

A research project question or topic will be presented to the group each month. Taking part in the research projects is by personal choice of the student. We can share our learning and our insights with the group.

What’s really exciting is this website and it methods are at the cutting edge of Neuroscience (as I explain in the video), so the participants can help with exploring the potential of human development. Our experiences can help develop these practices and make them more powerful. I have some ideas to explore that are truly amazing.

In this video I parallel Arnold Schwarzenegger’s story in Conan the Barbarian where he speaks of dealing with pain and bleeding as he crawls across sharp stones. The director asked if they could do another take. He said ‘Of course all I see is the end product‘. Notice as I speak in the video how I use the the feedback loop of pain. 
Note also how using the learning state helps me stay composed and coherent. Then there is the magic where the wild cockatoo follows my requests to move it around. The learning state really does help rapport with the wild birds, yet again this is clearly demonstrated.

This is very useful for lower high school students whose workload is minimal and school doesn’t stretch them or interest them.
It is also great for students who have talent and want to stretch their research skills and explore their personal interests.

During the year we will set research topics for the students to explore the requisite skills they will need to master for their future (Law of success No1 Vision). This may help them decide if it is for them or if a different life path is better, thus saving them years studying the wrong topics.
Students will be welcome to share their personal experiences with the project be that in writing or a video. This can reflect the person’s personal learning and productivity style. For example I’m very comfortable and fast at making videos, my personal weakness is writing, and it’s a long slow process for me.
For other students they may want to stretch themselves and make a video of their findings. Learning to record and present to a camera is a good skill to learn.

These research project also offer an alternative for students who don’t feel confident enough to take these skills into the classroom. This can offer an intermediate step to build up courage before trying it in the live classroom setting.

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Group culture agreement: Code of conduct

The culture of this group is to be friendly, safe and a place where we can put ideas forward knowing there will be no Nay-saying. We will  have an environment where we don’t need to apply Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Law of Success 3 ‘Ignore the Nay-sayers‘. This is a group, or online course of Yay-sayers, Law 7 Community.

Interactions in this group are to be based on the core principle of relating to your own unconscious mind. This means that it is like you are talking to your best 5 year old friend, brother or sister in a caring supportive manner.

I demonstrate this every time in the animal videos. This is why the animals behave the way they do.
This is why you will frequently see totally wild animals following my instructions more frequently than a domestic cat will its owner’s requests.
In the Like Skills video course there is a one hour learning state exercise to help develop the habit of state awareness and tuning into the learning state. I made this in a National Park mountain rainforest. I wanted to use a huge 500+ year old 80+ meter tall tree in the exercise. As I started recording I had a wild Yellow Breasted Robin turn up and spend most of its time between 30cm to 1.5 meters (1 to 5 ft) away from me! A truly unbelievable and special experience. This gentle wild bird keeps looking at me and the phone I had pointed at it. I speak aloud to it and you the viewers. It even lands on my foot, as the picture shows. It then followed me back to the track and sang a song that I also recorded! What is very apparent in this video is it responds to how I talk out loud to him/her, and the viewer of the video. This wild birds behaviour was not normal, as the survival instinct means staying away from big moving animals. The robin demonstrated for over a full hour it was responding to me and my behaviour, learning state and kind manner. At one point it flew about 10m (30ft) away, I called it back. It came back within seconds.

This is a great skill to practice and learn. Speaking kindly to your self, primarily, then others has a big impact. The comment forums within these closed Student Success Tutor Facebook groups are the practice ground to develop these skills. If you use a success journal (as I recommend you do), you will be able to monitor how this makes you feel and the results of then using this in your life.

Please watch the video where I explain how the group culture impacts the traffic light of the participants (see the state awareness page if this does not make sense). Learning happens when our traffic light is Green. So to practice relating this way with others assists us to talk to our own unconscious mind this way.

I also explain in the video how the culture and sharing in this group weaves the 10 Laws of Success together.

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Jason’s role in the Mastery Club

My role is to support the participants sharing, caring and helping each other. I will put in videos and post questions for people to contemplate if they so wish. My role is to encourage. To help keep people active and present ideas for the participants to look at and self-reflect.

I may respond to questions by bringing that into the live group sessions. I may do a video topic. Great questions or common themes may be a good research project for the group. To explore and look for ourselves and then see what other find is a great way to learn and develop new skills and attitudes.

My role is not to answer every person’s question. That is for personal coaching and tutoring.

The group rules will be discussed and understood before someone enters the group. My job is not too moderate, my time needs to go in assisting as many students, parents and educational institutions (etc) as possible.

Posts or comments may be deleted if not appropriate. A warning may be issued so the person knows, as we all make mistakes. If post or comment significantly violates the service agreement, TnCs or culture guidelines the banning protocol may be used.

This group is about developing a high moral compass and leadership abilities (Laws of Success 9). That means leadership of oneself that can then be shared with others in one’s life. These are natural when one is in alignment with the unconscious minds prime directives. A new born baby never has bad intent, do they? It is learned through modelling and fight-flight trauma responses. This is why the Student Success Tutor framework is built up from the fundamental base of human psychology to the cutting edge of neuroscience and developmental techniques.

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Club versus Tutoring: The differences

One-on-one tutoring is the most effective because everything is individually tailored. I work with the person’s own circumstance and individuality. I get a clear sense of where they are positioned within the Student Success Tutor framework and can hone in and assist maximum change. I help them find and develop their individuality, Laws of Success 6. The reasons and benefits of one-on-one are explained in the Parents page and the Student page.

The blockages or areas that need development are focused on during personal tutoring. I asked specific questions watch the responses and get feedback from the parents and I either work with the student or as a family team to help maximise progress.

For students who are not in 1-on-1 tutoring the Mastery Club gives the student one 30 minute personal session every two months. This 30 minutes gives us big picture time to discuss strategy and perhaps a few insights for major issues. This will help fine-tune some aspects and give some things to a map to work out with the group and yourself. The video in the Bi-monthly 30 minute coaching explains the purpose and scope of the 30 minute one-on-one. As the numbers in this premium group are capped at 50 I will have a good idea of each individual and where they are at.

Students are asked to write questions and prepare for the 30 minute session so their time is maximised. Law Zero of self-honesty and self-responsibility applies, they will get back what they put in. If a student is not motivated enough to participate then other options are a tutoring package, or you the parents join in on the Parents Mastery Club to learn how to help nurture your child’s fundamental psychological functions discussed in the Law Zero videos.

To examine a habit or issue more deeply it will require personal coaching. Some habits and unconscious patterns can be raised within the Master Club for peer input, project work or an avenue that the club provides.

There is no set parent feedback process in the Student Mastery Club. There is a feedback process for parents whose students are in the tutoring packages. A brief Skye video message may be available for important questions if you daughter or son is in the Mastery Club. Please send me an email via the contact form, ensure sufficient detail is given. Supply all the requested information so I can give an accurate timely response.

My personal weaknesses writing so email replies are very time inefficient for me. So please send an email and I will respond accordingly with a quick call or Skype. To illustrate the 7 pages on life skills took two months of work to give an idea of my personal challenge when it comes to writing. Yet I can have record and make fantastic videos without even planning. This is an example of my personal uniqueness (Laws of Success No 8).

The peer support forum in the Mastery Club will also give extra ideas for the student to try out. This is the beauty of the Mastery Club and student success tutoring. The club is designed to give various feedback processes that built on each other.
For example I do my success journal at least once a day, more if I have insights and things I need to write down. I note my motivation and other internal aspects I am monitoring.
I also have had my mentor / supervisor every four weeks for the last twenty years. To have access to role-models and mentors is No 9 of the Laws of Success. I actively seek out other role models especially in their field of expertise. Observing a role-model, or even better, getting them to teach you (by video, course, book or personally) is the fastest way to get good at something.

Parent & Adult Mastery Club

The adult and parent Mastery Club is an option for adults and parents who want to be involved in this life changing process.

This club will be totally separate from the student club. Students have a different journey with their life skills development as they do not have the adult life experience. For parents we will look at how to work with your children. Role-modelling is the most powerful way to teach. Children always see it, just as you see them.
Even the birds in the videos I make see what I get up to, the survival instinct of the unconscious mind is very perceptive! Hence the wild animals show how living in and coming from the learning state can change their behaviours. This cannot be faked, the evidence in the many video here is significant proof.


This is not a parenting advice group, but about you as a person and your journey into the life skills shared here. I am not a parent, but I work with adults  who want to develop themselves and enhance their relationship dynamics. Other parents may be able to give parental advice, and this mastery group is a peer support group for this purpose. My expertise is that of developmental processes, training and helping people grow and heal, not parenting.


This parent mastery club will also suit the parents with children under 12 years to achieve what I discuss in the keeping the Spark alive page. Parents modelling the learning state and discussing it with the younger children may help them to keep that spark and openness. I have seen some truly special children turn into amazing teenagers by ‘conscious’ parenting. In these instances Law Zero, of self-honesty and self-responsibility, was applied and lived by the parents in their conduct. These parents modelled the foundational prerequisites of a well balanced unconscious mind. Children learn by observing the behaviour of their parents not by the words that are spoken.
Children have that Spark when they are still open and empathic. Their consciousness feels through rapport what the real situation is, not the spoken words. The unconscious mind has no boundaries, there is no ‘me‘, hence the prime directive No 14 of takes everything personally. As the build up of unconscious baggage grows the Spark begins to dim as the primary prime directive of safety takes over and a fight-flight response shields the unconscious. Again, this sort of consciousness is demonstrated with my learning state skills and being in rapport with wild birds and animals. After I literally hold them so they can’t move they often stay calm when they should really go into fight-flight and fly away!


Family dynamics naturally play a big role in your child’s performance, motivation and the entire basis of their unconscious mind. This is discussed in the unconscious mind page. As a student changes and develops with the processes here it will change how they relate to you as a parent. I expect that to be in a positive fashion, as a parent you to will then need to be aware of how you are relating to them. If you behave expecting an old pattern then that may hinder the new habits forming. Some of the old less positive behavioural patterns may need to be modified to support the growth process of your child.


For a student to make the most amount of change they need to be given the correct encouragement and the space to do so. As a parent are you willing to assist them and their growth by you also growing in the areas where you may have put expectations and restrictions in place?
Law Zero has implications for us all, and this is why I say it is a foundational aspect of being a human being as discussed in the StudentSuccessTutor framework video. We all have habits so it’s a matter of is this habit or relationship dynamic useful. As a parent you are the primary role model so your behaviours are soaked up by your children. They then go out into life and do what their unconscious mind has learnt.


This is the basis of psychology. This is the rules of operation, called the prime directives, of the unconscious mind in operation. The foundational skills of state awareness and learning state are the golden key. These simple skills are not just for academic success but the foundation that unlocks behaviours, attitudes, conduct and psychological habits. Hence Law Zero of self-honesty and self-responsibility; the fundamental prerequisite that is needed in order for state awareness and the learning state to even be actioned by the person.


The Parent and Adult Mastery Club will have the same activities, avenues for exploration and culture. We will focus on the themes of the life skills of state awareness, learning state, the unconscious mind and emotional intelligence. We will also investigate the Laws of Success, and Law Zero.

Some topics we can explore along with your own journey into applying the life skills could include:
How to role-model.
How to enhance role-modelling with active inquiry or ‘parental scaffolding’ as Erin Claboughsee terms it.
How to not ‘helicopter‘ (over manage) your child, so they mature correctly. Stuffing up is part of the learning to master life.
Understand the learning process of yourself and your child.

Adult topics:
Here we will look at the issues as an adult. The workforce and family dynamics are things a parent or adult will face. Adult life is not like the school yard as a teen.
How is this related to religious and spiritual practices? Knowing how this fits will help clarify any concerns with your practices.

Please note: To see the individual aspects of the club tap to jump back to the top summary as this parent section is near the bottom of the page.

How to enrol in the Mastery Club

Enrolment in either the Student or Parent / Adult Mastery Club is a two part process. This is a closed select group that involves a 12 month commitment so we build a solid Yay-saying supportive community, which is Laws of Success No 7.

In the video I explain the enrolment process and what is required to be part of this club.

The main emphasis is a truly safe environment where we can play and implement the skills of learning and having a good and happy life. We try and as I say in this video “stuff-up Royally“, because this is success in the making. Study success will happen easily as all this takes place, if the 10 Laws of Success are followed.

Of course this means the participant is aware of the two most important aspects of Law Zero, self-honesty and self-responsibility.

Please note that all activities in this Mastery Club are 100% voluntary. It’s like a year membership to a gym, show up, or flab out on the couch. The muscles we grow here are neurology, learning success, full resourcefulness, motivation and life mastery. The aim is to progress towards resetting your default unconscious mind back to its original default of the learning state.


This default unconscious state is, the Law of Success 10: Mastery, which is the attainment of Carl Jung’s Individuation process. This is where you live non-stop in peace with an abundance of happiness and joy. This is mathematical due to correct habit, and the natural operation of the prime directives of the unconscious mind. Hence the life skills pages where this process is explained. Please review all these pages, or at least watch the videos in them, before enrolling. You do not need to fully understand them, this club process gives you a year to explore, learn and play to a better life.


The 10 Laws of Success videos need to be watched before enrolling. Most importantly is the Law Zero, as the success laws are moot and will never happen if the fundamental prerequisite foundation is not acknowledged. Law Zero, which is self-honesty and self-responsibility, is like breathing for your body. You are dead without breath, your life will go nowhere without these two aspects of Law Zero.

All students and adults will learn to grow Law Zero. This process is endless, but it helps life get much nicer. If you are not growing these aspects of Law Zero, then your consciousness is not growing, and maybe even shrinking. Self-honesty is the ability to see and discern the fine nuances of our inner landscape of thoughts, beliefs, emotions and stresses. It helps us get clear on what true reality is over old baggage that is now no longer real for us. What in your life is a tooth fairy equivalent? This helps us set boundaries between what is real within us, and what is garbage from others (or society) that is projected as real. Can you tell for yourself if it is just another tooth fairy in a different costume?


Watching these videos will give you the sense if this Mastery Club is for you, your son or daughter. It gives you a clear sense of me (Jason) and that I will be genuine and supportive.

Send me an email with the required information from the booking page. Cut and paste all the questions into your preferred email app.
We have an enrolment chat on the phone or Skype. If it is with a student it will involve talking to both the parents / payers and the student.

University or mature student’s have the option to go in the adult group. We can discuss this in the enrolment call after I review your application, or if you want call to discuss.

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Club pricing & why the 12 month term

The 12 month membership to this club is to help develop the skills in both study and in life. This skills apply not just in studying but with an everyday activities. As is discussed in the life skills section it’s about working with the unconscious mind’s prime directives and developing state awareness so one becomes accustomed to living in the learning state.

As the learning state is the optimal state to be in it needs activating throughout the day not just during class or study time. These skills apply in the classroom just as much as sitting on a tropical beach during the holidays. This is living with the neurology being optimal and Relaxed. It is the science of feeling good and happy. Who does not want to feel good?
The laws of how neurology, the brain and consciousness operate mean the more it is used the stronger and more stable it becomes. This is why Arnold Schwarzenegger and his 5 Laws of Success are used in the Student Success Tutor framework. He is a fantastic role-model and literally an embodiment of how the muscle of consciousness works.

The year membership also keeps the focus on motivation. This grows one’s understanding of motivation and life cycles. This then empowers the person to adjust the techniques, strategies and awareness to keep motivation active. Then when disruptions happen their impact is minimised. The 12 month cycle in this club allows aspects of; life balance, the seasons, motivation cycles, health aspects, academic (or work) year and relationship challenges (emotional intelligence) to be experienced with these skill sets and supportive community.

The ultimate vision of the Mastery Club is Laws of Success 10: Mastery. Once the learning state is unconsciously the default the person becomes naturally peaceful and usually happy. This takes consistent application until its just easy, like breathing is, but for those that truly want a joy filled life this is possible with the simple framework presented in this service.

These life skills take consistency of application. It’s a rewiring of your internal operating system. To use computer terminology: It’s the default programs your unconscious mind runs on start-up. With practice it’s like upgrading from software version 8 into version 12. It takes commitment, application and feedback. The Mastery Club (and coaching) helps give the clarity and safety that all is progressing well.
This club offers a safe space because the guidelines will be adhered to.
Twelve months offers a chance to make significant improvements if a person is willing. To participate in the group activities a couple of hours a week or more will significantly assist a person. The different activities on offer give a range of options to suit the person’s individual uniqueness (Law 8).

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Student Mastery Club Price & Bonuses

You get free access to Life Skills online course (live in June) and the 11 week live Motivation & Study Skills course starting July 29 saving $445.

Club investment
One upfront payment of $1,800* (save $200) or four monthly payments at $500* per month.
Discount of 30% for additional sibling or parent/caregiver to join.

Parent / adult Mastery Club Pricing

Free access to Life Skills* online course (live in late June 2019) saving $250. * Please note the Life Skills course covers the topics in the Life Skills section of the website. This does not cover the specific whole brain study skills course, this can be discussed if needed..

Club investment
One upfront payment of $1,800* (save $200) or four monthly payments at $500* per month.
Discount of 30% for second family parent/caregiver to join.

*Price is USD, resident Australians and New Zealanders at their local currency by direct bank deposit.
Upfront payment required once parent and students assessment calls are made.
Mastery Club TnCs (including payment terms) must be agreed with before admission and payment, this will be discussed in the enrolment process.
Please call or book a free assessment. Alternatively book a call back on this link.

Terms of membership:

These are the requirements to be part of the Mastery Club. These terms of membership are guidelines, and the Terms and Conditions of this website and service take precedence.


Participants must resonate with the desire to improve. To be caring and give feedback. To give what they want to receive, ie: to ask questions and to give answers to other people for them to consider. Guidance will be given in the group as to how to give good feedback. There is a difference between nasty feedback (bullying and trolling) and ‘negative feedback’. Giving feedback is a useful skill to learn.


This service and the club is respectful of all views, ideas, religions, races, sexual orientation and socio-economic status (etc):
Nothing less will be tolerated. Our uniqueness (Laws of Success No 8) is to be developed and celebrated in a supportive environment.
The skill sets and techniques shared in this group are non-religious but can be applied to any religion. If you have any concerns please contact and we can discuss, or modify. To be caring and respectful of all is the basis of everything in this website and services, it is hard wired in our unconscious mind’s prime directives.


Post content:
It is important that posts are within the framework of what this group is about. That they relate to the core life skills and the study skills. Sharing insights or questions as to how you are actually applying that or not (and why not).
This private club can almost represent a group success journal. If a post or comment is deleted this is likely why. That will be the feedback as it is now missing because the guidelines were not adhered to. A warning may be issued for inappropriate content.


Posting pictures, memes and videos:
Picture, memes or videos need to relate to your personal experience or a question. A picture or meme it needs to be 100% related to what you’re talking about or the question you are asking. A meme without your personal input or reflection will be deleted.

We need to keep this group focused. It is a club where people come to confirm this skill development process. Its a place to post wins, share learnings from mistakes and great ideas. As social media is an attention addictive process we need to keep your time in the club focused. Your time and your growth is the priority.

If you look at the Arnold Schwarzenegger video you will notice he does not say ‘spend lots of time on Facebook / social media‘. You are here for companionship around making your life totally awesome.


Group communications and reminders:
Initially this will be done within the private closed Facebook group as a comment or a new post. Messenger is not to be used for group wide or personal communications to me. Personal concerns or questions can be sent to me (Jason) via text message, email or Skype. Facebook owned companies will not be used due to privacy concerns, this includes WhatsApp and any social media company owned by Facebook. A different platform for group communications may be chosen at a later point away from Facebook or Skype.


Positive behavioural conduct:
Bullying or discrimination as defined in the Terms and Conditions will not be tolerated. It is a potential banning offence. Please contact me direct if you have any concerns or questions on this.


Privacy of the club:
Trust in the group and confidentiality to explore and do new things is critically important to the learning and growth of participants.
Participants are not to share names, ages, comments or experiences of other individuals, this is removal / banning offence. Another student’s material cannot be shared unless that individual has expressly agreed in that instance.

There will be a statement regarding privacy and what of the material is shared by Student Success Tutor. In the Terms & Conditions I will use and make videos to help others. Privacy of individuals will be kept. As part of this group and being part of the proprietary material of this website if I share someone’s challenges or wins as an example the person’s identity will be preserved by changing various features to make them indistinguishable. If this person expressly agreed via text or email it is ‘ok’ to use the real details this will be recorded as such.

Real identities need to be used within this closed group, fake Facebook profiles will not be allowed.

Thanks for reading this. It is important.

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Time zones & options: Around planet

The Mastery Clubs will cover the major time zones the USA, Australia and New Zealand so every second week it will be live for your Monday or Sunday evening.
Interacting with people from different countries, states and time zones is certainly more interesting and gives learning variety.

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