Neuroscience & Jungian Psychology

The integrated framework at Student Success Tutor

This solid framework is being confirmed by the recent neuroscience research that covers areas such as brain plasticity, brain cell development, trauma reversal and limbic system patterning. Some of this newer research is allowing more techniques to be developed within this framework. It is truly exciting.

All of these fields of science and psychology merge in to a simple framework presented here at Student Success Tutor. This complex interwoven framework can be stated so a 10 year old can understand it: Talk to your unconscious like it is a 5 year old best friend. Notice how you feel and be aware of your lower body, notice your breathing. Under these simple steps is a depth of science in regards to how our neurology and psychology work in unison.

The video explains this in simple terms. It then gives a more complex overview of how the aspects presented in this website build a solid framework to assist student, parent or teacher grow into their potential. Best of all this develops people who are happy and competent people. These resourceful people can tackle life, be happy and succeed.

The techniques and approach used here at Student Success Tutor are based in scientific research starting with 'the father of accelerated learning' Georgi Lozanov's ground breaking work Suggestology and Outlines of Suggestopedy (1978) through to theory and techniques used cognitive behavioural therapies like Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).

This is then married with the developmental processes based in developmental psychology. Carl Jung's pinnacle 'of human development' the Individuation process is the possible outcome. This is the Jungian term for wholeness. All this from using these simple techniques that can be simply stated. This framework can be dissected scientifically with research confirming it.

This is the parent and School Principal version. For the magical student version tap this to jump down.

Students of Success

Wild Parrot demo for students

This delightful video demonstrates at many levels success, the mastery of the learning state, the operation of the unconscious and the survival fight-flight response. The young parrots behave like our unconscious does.

Note how they state change and how fast! The video goes from total mayhem to instant fight flight and they all vanish. This is a demonstration of a red traffic light reaction. I hold two birds in this video, and if you observe closely they only get grumpy when another young parrot is trying to bite them. They are OK with me holding them, or they would struggle and use the distress call.

Note what happens when a bird, that isn't near me, does make a distress call. An instant reaction occurs. Again, my capacity to hold the learning state is demonstrated by how I do hold fully in my hand and stroke these wild parrots. They feel totally safe with me.

Hence the animal videos

Animals are habit machines just like us humans

As I say in this video and many others, this is one reason why I use the animals and birds in this website. Here are the main reasons why:
- Animals are 100% unconscious. They behave like us humans do, just without the personality. Thus they demonstrate the prime directives, the rules of the unconscious mind, in action.
- The animals demonstrate the traffic lights of state awareness so naturally, and switch instantly (usually), as they are 100% unconscious.
- It demonstrates (Law 9: role-models and Leadership) me, Jason, being unique. Law of Success 8: Uniqueness - It captures students interest as they are great fun. These videos have much to teach and can be re-watched over and over.
- It nurtures a love of nature, as these animals are members of our community that we need to look after. Even iconic species like the Koala here in Australia are now in the news as being functionally extinct. They are not being taken care of. Their habitat is being destroyed and harvested. Laws of Success 5 is Give Back. We need to take care of our wider community, this includes our environment.

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